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LIC-11.14 - Disbursement Calculation for Districts with Charter Schools


Administrative Rule Adopted by Revenue Division Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



For those school districts with one or more charter schools, the Division will calculate an Average Teacher Salary for the school district as a whole without including the charter school(s). Each individual charter school must provide enrollment and teacher salary data directly to the Division (if the school district does not have the information) so that the Division can calculate the Average Teacher Salary for the individual charter school.


Distribution of net revenues from the Arts Education and Access Fund will be made directly to each school district with an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the City. The distribution will break out the funds for the school district and the funds for each individual charter school. The Division will additionally provide the following Average Teacher Salary information to the school district to allow them to pass through funding based on their individual IGA with each charter school:


•  Average Teacher Salary for the District as a whole

•  Average Teacher Salary for the District without the charter school(s)

•  Average Teacher Salary for the charter schools as a whole

•  Average Teacher Salary for each charter school




Amended by Director of Revenue Division May 8, 2015.

Adopted by Director of Revenue Bureau April 14, 2014.

Filed for inclusion in PPD April 17, 2014.