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Citizen Review Committee's public meeting

The eleven-member CRC was created as part of the Portland City Auditor’s Independent Police Review Division, which provides impartial oversight of police conduct, practices, and policies to increase accountability and public trust.


CRC conducts monthly public meetings to discuss complaint cases and make policy recommendations to the Portland Police Bureau to address problems in policing or officer conduct. The meeting also serves as a tool to hear community concerns regarding the Portland Police Bureau.


Volunteer CRC members are appointed by City Council to perform four primary functions:

  • Gather community concerns about police services.
  • Help the IPR Director develop policy recommendations to address patterns of problems with police services and conduct.
  • Review and advise IPR and IA on the complaint handling process.
  • Hear appeals from complainants and officers and publicly report its findings.

Please click this link to visit the Independent Police Review Division event calendar for information about the next CRC public meeting.