POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 3 Chapter 3.21 City Auditor's Independent Police Review Division
3.21.020 Definitions.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176317, 183657 and 186416, effective February 7, 2014.)  In this Chapter:


A.  “Appellant” means either:


1.  A person who has filed a complaint with IPR and subsequently requested review of the investigation or


2.  A member about whom a complaint has been filed with IPR and who has subsequently requested review by the Committee of the investigation.


B.  “Bureau” means the Bureau of Police of the City of Portland, Oregon.


C.  “Chief” means the Chief of the Bureau.


D.  "Citizen" or “community member” means any person who is not an employee of the Bureau.


E.  “Commissioner In Charge” means the Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau.


F.  “Committee” means the Citizen Review Committee, which is appointed by City Council members to assist IPR in the performance of its duties and responsibilities pursuant to this Chapter.


G.  “Complaint” means a complaint by a citizen, the Director, a member or other employee of the Bureau of alleged member misconduct.


H.  "Complainant" means any person who files a complaint against a member of the Portland Bureau.


I.  "Director" means the director of the Independent Police Review Division or the Director’s designee.


J.  "Finding" means a conclusion reached after investigation as to whether facts show a violation of Bureau policy. 


K.  "Early Warning System" means the Bureau's method of identifying officers exhibiting a pattern of behavior that signals potential problems for both the Bureau and public, as explained in General Order 345.00.


L.  “IAD” means the Internal Affairs Division of the Bureau, whose responsibilities and procedures are described in Section 330.00 of the Manual of Rules and Procedures of the Bureau, as amended from time to time.


M.  "IPR Investigator" means an investigator of the Independent Police Review Division.


N.  "IPR" means the Independent Police Review Division.


O.  "Member" means a sworn employee of the Bureau or a supervisor of sworn employees. An “involved” member is a member about whom a complaint has been submitted to IPR or the Bureau.


P.  “Misconduct” means conduct by a member which conduct violates Bureau regulations or orders, or other standards of conduct required of City employees.


Q.  “Request for Review” means a request by an appellant that the Committee review an IAD or IPR investigation of alleged member misconduct.


R.  “RU (Responsibility Unit) Manager” means a commanding officer or manager of a Bureau division, unit or precinct.


S.  “Supported by the Evidence.”  A finding regarding a complaint is supported by the evidence when a reasonable person could make the finding in light of the evidence, whether or not the reviewing body agrees with the finding.


T.  “Police Review Board” means the board established by Code Section 3.20.140.


U.  "Policy-related issue" means a topic pertaining to the Police Bureau's hiring and training practices, the Manual of Policies and Procedures, equipment, and general supervision and management practices, but not pertaining specifically to the propriety or impropriety of a particular officer's conduct.

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