POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code and Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 3 Chapter 3.02 Council Organization and Procedure
3.02.030 Entry of Documents on Agenda.

 (Amended by Ordinance Nos. 165402, 166314, 170834, 177787, 182515 and 185877, effective March 1, 2013.)

A.  Notice and Filing of Documents.  The City Auditor shall post on the City’s website and distribute electronically to interested persons, 24 hours before each meeting, a summary of matters to come before the Council at the next meeting.  The summary shall be known as the Portland City Council Agenda.  Documents for inclusion on the Agenda shall be filed in the Office of the City Auditor before 5:00 p.m. each Thursday preceding the Council meeting except when otherwise required due to the date of a legal holiday.  In this event, the Auditor shall give notice to all bureaus of the revised time for filing agenda items.

B.  The Order of Business on the Council Agenda.  Items of Council business shall be heard in the following order:

1.  Communications from the public or governmental jurisdictions other than City.

2.  Time Certain matters.

3.  Consent Agenda.

a.  Reports of City Officers;

b.  Reports from Committees or Commissions;

c.  Matters submitted by Order of Council, a Committee of Council or by two or more Council members;

d.  Items introduced by and identified as such from:

(1)  The Mayor;

(2)  The Commissioners, in order of position. Beginning January 1 of every year, items introduced by the Commissioner in Position No. 1 shall be placed first, followed by the Commissioner in Position No. 2, then the Commissioner in Position No. 3, then the Commissioner in Position No. 4. The order of placement shall be modified on the first day of each subsequent calendar quarter so that items introduced by the Commissioner whose Position number was first in order in the previous calendar quarter are placed last in order; and

(3)  The City Auditor.

The provisions of Section 3.02.036 shall apply to matters on the Consent Agenda.

4.  Regular Agenda.  The business of the Council on the Regular Agenda shall be presented in the same order as items B.3.a.-d. above.

C.  Schedule of Council items.

1.  The Auditor’s Office has the discretion to schedule items in a manner making the best use of Council time including consolidating all of the Council’s business into one session.  Generally, business items including purchases, contracts, personnel actions, budgetary matters, franchises, claims, nuisances, street vacations, local improvements, permits and similar actions will be presented at the Wednesday 9:30 a.m. meeting.

2.  Appeals and hearings of land use matters which require notification under the Planning and Zoning Code will generally be scheduled at the recessed meeting. on Wednesday unless otherwise announced.

3.  Any item of business which is expected to require considerable testimony and/or Council discussion may be filed for consideration at the Wednesday or Thursday sessions and may be the only item to be heard, if the Auditor so determines.

4.  The Auditor may shift matters listed for presentation on Thursday to the following Wednesday if, due to items being withdrawn, there are insufficient items to merit holding a Thursday session.  Notice shall be placed on the council Chamber door stating the reschedule date and time.

5.  Matters not appearing on the Agenda may be considered by the Council under suspension of rules at any session.

6.  The Auditor shall prepare a supplementary Agenda which shall be designated and known as the Four Fifths Agenda, which shall contain a summary of matters filed in his or her office not later than 5:00 p.m. on the preceding Tuesday for consideration at either the following Wednesday or Thursday session.  All documents filed with the Auditor intended for the Four Fifths Agenda shall be initialed by four members of the Council or their representatives, as designated in Subsection 3.02.040 D.2.

7.   Matters ordered by the Council to be considered at a special time other than the listed sessions shall be considered at the special time as directed by the Council.  Council members may direct that special items be listed for meetings other than those specified above.

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Chapter 3.103 Property Tax Exemption for Multiple-Unit Housing Development
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Chapter 3.115 Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission
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