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5.34.810 Definitions for Alternative Contracting Methods.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 185898, effective February 20, 2013.) The following definitions shall apply to Sections 5.34.800 through 5.34.890, unless the context requires otherwise:


A.  Alternative Contracting Methods. Innovative Procurement techniques for obtaining Public Improvement Contracts, utilizing processes other than the traditional method of design-Bid-build with Award based solely on price (in which a final design is issued with formal Bid documents, construction  Work is obtained by sealed Bid Awarded to the lowest Responsive, Responsible Bidder, and the project is built in accordance with those documents). In industry practice, such methods commonly include variations of Design-Build contracting, CM/GC forms of contracting and ESPCs, which are specifically addressed in Section 5.34.880, as well as other developing techniques such as general "performance contracting" and "cost plus time" contracting, for which procedural requirements are identified under Sections 5.34.800 through 5.34.890.


B.  Construction Manager/General Contractor (or "CM/GC"). A form of Procurement that results in a Public Improvement Contract for a Construction Manager/General Contractor to undertake project team involvement with design development; constructability reviews; value engineering, scheduling, estimating and subcontracting services; establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price to complete the Contract Work; act as General Contractor; coordinate and manage the building process; provide general Contractor expertise; and act as a member of the project team along with the City, architect/engineers and other consultants. CM/GC also refers to a Contractor under this form of Contract.


C.  Design-Build. A form of Procurement that results in a Public Improvement Contract in which the construction Contractor also provides or obtains specified design services, participates on the project team with the City, and manages both design and construction. In this form of Contract, a single Person provides the City with all of the Personal Services and Work necessary to both design and construct the project.


D.  Energy Conservation Measures (or "ECMs") (also known as "energy efficiency measures"). As used in ESPC Procurement, any equipment, fixture or furnishing to be added or used in an existing building, structure or building/structure system, and any repair, alteration or improvement to an existing building, structure or building/structure system that is designed to reduce energy consumption and related costs, including those costs related to electrical energy, thermal energy, water consumption, waste disposal, and future contract-labor costs and materials costs associated with maintenance of the building or structure. Maintenance services are not Energy Conservation Measures, for purposes of  Section 5.34.880.


E.  Energy Savings Guarantee. The energy savings and performance guarantee provided by the ESCO under an ESPC Procurement, which guarantees to the City that certain energy savings and performance will be achieved for the project covered by the RFP, through the installation and implementation of the agreed-upon ECMs for the project. The Energy Savings Guarantee shall include, but shall not be limited to, the specific energy savings and performance levels and amounts that will be guaranteed, provisions related to the financial remedies available to the City in the event the guaranteed savings and performance are not achieved, the specific conditions under which the ESCO will guarantee energy savings and performance (including the specific responsibilities of the City after final completion of the design and construction phase), and the term of the energy savings and performance guarantee.


F.  Energy Savings Performance Contract (or "ESPC"). A Public Improvement Contract between The City and a Qualified Energy Service Company for the identification, evaluation, recommendation, design and construction of Energy Conservation Measures, including a Design-Build Contract, that guarantee energy savings or performance.


G.  Guaranteed Maximum Price (or "GMP"). The total maximum price provided to the City by the Contractor, and accepted by the City, that includes all reimbursable costs of and fees for completion of the Contract Work, as defined by the Public Improvement Contract, except for material changes in the Scope of Work. It may also include particularly identified contingency amounts.


H.  Measurement and Verification (or "M & V"). As used in ESPC Procurement, the examination of installed ECMs using the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol ("IPMVP"), or any other comparable protocol or process, to monitor and verify the operation of energy-using systems pre-installation and post-installation.


I.  Project Development Plan. A secondary phase of Personal Services and Work performed by an ESCO in an ESPC Procurement when the ESCO performs more extensive design of the agreed-upon ECMs for the project, provides the detailed provisions of the ESCO's Energy Savings Guarantee that the fully installed and commissioned ECMs will achieve a particular energy savings level for the building or structure, and prepares an overall report or plan summarizing the ESCO's Work during this secondary phase of the Work and otherwise explaining how the agreed-upon ECMs will be implemented during the design and construction phase of the Work; The term "Project Development Plan" can also refer to the report or plan provided by the ESCO at the conclusion of this phase of the Work.


J.  Qualified Energy Service Company (or "ESCO"). As used in ESPC Procurement, a company, firm or other legal Person with the following characteristics: demonstrated technical, operational, financial and managerial capabilities to design, install, construct, commission, manage, measure and verify, and otherwise implement Energy Conservation Measures and other Work on building systems or building components that are directly related to the ECMs in existing buildings and structures; a prior record of successfully performing ESPCs on projects involving existing buildings and structures that are comparable to the project under consideration by the City; and the financial strength to effectively guarantee energy savings and performance under the ESPC for the project in question, or the ability to secure necessary financial measures to effectively guarantee energy savings under an ESPC for that project.


K.  Technical Energy Audit. As used in ESPC Procurement, the initial phase of Personal Services to be performed by an ESCO that includes a detailed evaluation of an existing building or structure, an evaluation of the potential ECMs that could be effectively utilized at the facility, and preparation of a report to the City of the ESCO's Findings during this initial phase of the Work; the term "Technical Energy Audit" can also refer to the report provided by the ESCO at the conclusion of this phase of the Work.

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