POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code and Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 5 Revenue and Finan Chapter 5.34 Public Improvements and Construction Services
5.34.310 Notice and Advertising Requirements; Posting.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 181547, 183445 and 185898, effective February 20, 2013.)


A.  The City shall furnish “Notice” as set forth in Subsections 5.34.310 A.1. through 3. to a number of Persons sufficient for the purpose of fostering and promoting competition. The Notice shall indicate where, when, how and for how long the Solicitation Document may be obtained and generally describe the Public Improvement project or Work. The Notice may contain any other appropriate information. The City may charge a fee or require a deposit for the Solicitation Document. The City may furnish Notice using any method determined to foster and promote competition, including:


1.   Mailing Notice of the availability of Solicitation Documents to Persons that have expressed an interest in the City’s Procurements;


2.  Placing Notice on the Oregon Department of Administrative Services’ Electronic Procurement System known as “ORPIN”(Oregon Procurement Information Network) or a successor electronic System; or


3.   Placing Notice on the City’s Internet Web site.


B.   Pursuant to ORS 279C.360 and this rule, the City shall advertise every Solicitation for competitive bids or competitive proposals for a Public Improvement Contract, unless the City Council has exempted the Solicitation from the advertisement requirement as part of a competitive bidding exemption under ORS 279C.335 and Section 5.34.820.


1.   Unless the City publishes by Electronic Advertisement as permitted by Subsection 5.34.310 B.2., the City shall publish the advertisement for Offers at least once in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the area where the Contract is to be performed and in as many additional issues and publications as the City may determine to be necessary or desirable to foster and promote competition.


2.   The City Council finds that publishing Notice Electronically is likely to be cost effective.  The City may publish by Electronic Advertisement if:


a.   The City has published a Notice that it may publish future advertisements for Offers by Electronic Advertisement. The City shall publish such Notice weekly, for no less than four (4) consecutive weeks. The City Notice shall include the World Wide Web location (i.e., Uniform Resource Locator or URL) where the City will publish future Electronic Advertisements or alternatively, the Web location where the City will publish information on accessing the Electronic Advertisement via a Telnet application;


b.   The City posts in its business office a Notice that the City will publish advertisements for Offers by Electronic Advertisement for no less than four consecutive weeks.  The Notice shall include the World Wide Web location (i.e., Uniform Resource Locator or URL) where the City publishes Electronic Advertisements or alternatively, the Web location where the City publishes information on accessing the Electronic Advertisement via Telnet; and


c.   In addition to the City’s publication required under Subsection 5.34.310 B.2.a. or b., the City shall also publish an advertisement for Offers in at least one trade newspaper of general statewide circulation if the Contract is for a Public Improvement with an estimated cost in excess of $125,000.


d.   All advertisements for Offers shall set forth:


(1)  The Public Improvement project;


(2)    The office where Contract terms, conditions and Specifications may be reviewed;


(3)   The date that Persons must file applications for Prequalification under ORS 279C.340, if Prequalification is a requirement, and the class or classes of Work for which Persons must be Prequalified;


(4)   The scheduled Closing, which shall not be less than five (5) Days after the date of the last publication of the advertisement;


(5)  The name, title and address of the City Person authorized to receive Offers;


(6)   The scheduled Opening; and


(7)   If applicable, that the Contract is for a Public Work subject to ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870 or the Davis-Bacon Act (40 U.S.C. § 3141 to 3148).


C.    The City shall post a copy of each advertisement for Offers at Procurement Services.  An Offeror may obtain a copy of the advertisement for Offers upon request to the Bureau.


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