POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 24 Building Regulat Chapter 24.90 Manufactured Dwelling Installation and Accessory Structures, Manufactured Dwelling Parks, Recreation Parks,  Recreational Park Trailer Installation and Accessory Structures
24.90.030 Adoption of Codes and Regulatory Authority.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176955 and 185798, effective December 12, 2012.)


A.  Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code.  The provisions of the State of Oregon, Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code, 2010 Edition, as developed at the direction of the Building Codes Division of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services through the Residential and Manufactured Structures Board, is hereby adopted by reference.  The Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code is on file in theDevelopmentServicesCenterof the City ofPortland.


B.  Manufactured Dwelling and Park Specialty Code.  The following provisions of the State of Oregon, Manufactured Dwelling and Park Specialty Code, 2002 Edition, as developed at the direction of the Oregon Building Codes Division Administrator through the Oregon Manufactured Structures and Parks Advisory Board, a copy of which is on file in the Development Services Center of the City of Portland, are hereby adopted by reference:


1.  All of Chapter One (Administration), except the following:


a.  1-1.4 (Design Loads)


b.  1-2.4 (Energy Conservation Equivalents)


c.  1-3 (Manufactured Dwellings Sold “As Is”)


d.  1-6.7 (Plot Plans Required)


e.  1-6.8 (Plot Plans Not Required)


f.  1-6.11 (Multiple-family Housing Plans)


g.  1-7.12 (Manufactured Dwelling Installation Permits)


h.  1-8.6 (Visual Inspections)


i.  1-8.7 (Appliance Inspections)


j.  1-8.9 (Alteration Inspections)


k.  1-8.11 (Quality Assurance Inspections)


l.  1-8.13 (Installation Inspections)


m.  1-9 (Insignias and Labels)


n.  1-10 (Certifications), except section 1-10.2.1 (Certificates of Occupancy Required) is adopted


o.  1-11 (License Required) –all, except for introductory language and paragraph (h) in 1-11.3 (Electrical) and introductory language and paragraph (i) in 1-11.4 (Plumbing) are adopted


2.  All of Chapter Ten (Manufactured Dwelling Park Construction) and the corresponding tables and figures


3.  Appendix A (Definitions)


4.  Appendix B (Acronyms)


5.  Appendix C (Symbols)


C.  The City of Portland through the Bureau of Development Services (“Bureau”) adopts regulatory authority for the installation maintenance and alteration of manufactured dwellings and accessory structures as authorized in ORS 446.250 and 446.253, and OAR 918-500-0055; for the development and maintenance of manufactured dwelling parks as authorized in ORS 446.062 and 446.430 and OAR 918-600-0010; for the development and maintenance of recreation parks, picnic parks and organizational camps as authorized in ORS 455.170; and for the installation, maintenance and alteration of residential park trailers, other recreational vehicles and accessory structures as authorized in ORS 455.170 and OAR 918-525-0370.  Nothing contained herein provides regulatory authority when delegation of authority is expressly withheld by the State.

Title 24 Building Regulat
Chapter 24.10 Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 24.15 Definitions
Chapter 24.20 Special Inspections
Chapter 24.25 Movings of Buildings
Chapter 24.30 Home Occupations
Chapter 24.35 Historical Buildings
Chapter 24.40 Use of and Projections Over Public Streets and Property
Chapter 24.45 Parking and Driveway Surfaces
Chapter 24.50 Flood Hazard Areas
Chapter 24.51 Wildfire Hazard Zones
Chapter 24.55 Building Demolition
Chapter 24.60 Fences
Chapter 24.65 Sidewalk Vault Openings
Chapter 24.70 Clearing and Grading
Chapter 24.75 Uniform Building Address System
Chapter 24.80 (Repealed)
Chapter 24.85 Seismic Design Requirements for Existing Buildings
Chapter 24.90 Manufactured Dwelling Installation and Accessory Structures, Manufactured Dwelling Parks, Recreation Parks, Recreational Park Trailer Installation and Accessory Structures
Chapter 24.95 (Repealed)