POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code and Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 17 Public Improveme Chapter 17.33 Required Public Sewer Connection
17.33.060 Required Sanitary Sewer Conversion Charges.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 185694, effective November 23, 2012.)  Property owners must pay the sanitary sewer conversion charges as required by Chapter 17.36 at the time the City provides a new sewer connection or when the property owner requests a permit for a new conforming sewer connection.  A property owner can elect to pay or finance conversion charges and connection costs as required in Chapter 17.36 and associated program administrative rules.  Council adopts sanitary sewer conversion charges annually as part of the BES rate ordinance.


A.   Timing.  Property owners must pay or finance sewer conversion charges prior to the issuance of permits required by Chapter 17.32.  BES will assess sewer conversion charges based on the sewer conversion rates in effect at the time of connection.


B.   Relationship to Special Assessments for Local Improvement Districts.  BES will apply the following conditions to the calculation of special assessments for local improvement districts organized for the purposes of this Section:


1.   The estimated special assessment roll will be limited to the amount of the sanitary sewer conversion charges as established in the annual BES rate ordinance.


2.   In the event that a benefited property owner paid or financed branch fees or sanitary sewer conversion charges prior to the preparation of the estimated special assessment roll as provided in this Section, BES will establish a zero assessment for the benefited property.


3.   BES will pay to the LID Construction Fund the difference between the final total costs of each local improvement district organized for the purposes of this Section, and the sum of estimated assessments that were established at the formation of the district. 


4.   To the greatest extent practicable BES will refund property assessments in the event that the total actual costs of the local improvement district are less than the sum of sanitary sewer conversion charges calculated for the benefited properties, taking into account the following:


a.  BES will apportion the difference to each affected property in proportion to the property’s share of the sum of sanitary sewer conversion charges paid, financed or incorporated into the local improvement district special assessment roll.


b.  The final assessment roll will reflect the apportionment based on the actual project costs.


c.  Where a property owner paid or financed the sanitary sewer conversion charge prior to the notice of estimated assessment, BES will determine the most administratively efficient method to refund or credit the apportioned difference allocated to the property.  Any refund or credit will be provided to the current equitable title holder of the property at the time the Council adopts the final assessment roll for the local improvement district. 

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