POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 16 Vehicles and Tra Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations.
16.40.210 Limit on Number of Taxicabs Allowed.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 185721, effective November 7, 2012.)


A.  No taxicab company may operate more taxicabs than authorized by the Council, unless additional taxicabs have been authorized by the Board pursuant to Subsection 16.40.210 B. 


B.  A taxicab company may apply to the Board for an increase of the number of taxicabs that the company may operate. The application must be in a form established by the Administrator. Applications will only be accepted from April 1 – April 30 and September 1 – September 30 of any given year.  Requests for more taxiplates will be considered by the Board at the first regularly-scheduled board meeting after July 1 for the April applications and after December 1 for the September applications. Bureau staff will submit a recommendation to the Board at least 10 days prior to the meeting, but the Board is not required to follow staff’s recommendation.  The Board may grant the application in whole or in part.


C.  If the Board approves an increase in the number of taxicabs that a company may operate, it may also impose additional conditions, including but not limited to, vehicle type or utilization.  If a condition is imposed under this Subsection, the Board may remove it upon application by the taxi company if the Board determines that the reasons for the condition no longer exist or have otherwise been minimized.


D.  Any Board action that authorizes an increase in the number of taxicabs operated by a taxicab company is automatically stayed if a timely appeal of such action is filed by an aggrieved party pursuant to the procedures in Section 16.40.580.


E.  Board review of taxi company requests for additional vehicle permits will include evaluation of taxi company performance standards, as described by administrative rule.