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Becoming a Candidate (how to appear on the ballot)

Basic Information (as applies to May 2008 election):

The filing period for office is September 13, 2007 through March 11, 2008.
Candidate Information Packets are available for download or from the City Elections Officer:
If you are considering filing for office, please contact the City Elections Officer for more information.

Becoming a Candidate (how to appear on the ballot)
Step 1 - Form a Principal Campaign Committee
A candidate may have only one Principal Campaign Committee at one time. Before filing a Principal Campaign Committee, any other existing committee (State, County, etc…) must be closed.
  1. Do you plan to spend or receive more than $300? (applies to nonparticipating candidates) OR
    Do you plan to participate in the Campaign Finance Fund?

    You must form a Principal Campaign Committee and register it with the Secretary of State on ORESTAR  within 3 business days of spending or receiving any money for your campaign.

    If you already have a Principal Campaign Committee filed with the City, you should update your Statement of Organization to reflect the current Election Period and office sought.

    Also, keep in mind that whenever ANY information disclosed on a Statement of Organization changes, the change must be reported within 10 days on ORESTAR by amending the Statement of Organization.

  2. Do you plan to spend or receive less than $300?

    If you will act as your own treasurer and spend less than $300 during the entire campaign, you are not required to form a Principal Campaign Committee or file any Contribution & Expenditure reports.
Step 2 - Filing by Fee or Nominating Petition
Per City Code Section 2.08.060, a candidate may qualify to appear on the ballot either by filing a declaration of candidacy accompanied by a filing fee or by filing a nominating petition.
Filing by Fee
  • File all required forms with City Auditor's Office as indicated on the "Required Filing Forms Matrix - Filing by Fee "
  • Submit $30 filing fee by cash or check if filing for Commissioner;
  • Submit $50 filing fee by cash or check if filing for Mayor;
  • Copies of required forms may be downloaded from the City Elections website
Filing by Nominating Petition
  • As an alternative method of filing without the expense of the $30 filing fee, a candidate may file a nominating petition.
  • File all required forms with City Auditor's Office as indicated on the "Required Filing Forms Matrix - Filing by Petition "
  • After prospective petition is approved for circulation by the Auditor's Office, gather valid signatures of at least 100 registered voters.
  • Once signatures are gathered, submit completed signature sheets to Auditor for verification. All signature sheets must be submitted in time to be verified before the candidate filing deadline.
  • Auditor's Office will verify signatures. If signatures are found to be valid, the candidate files perfected petition forms
  • Copies of required forms may be requested from the City Elections Officer, 503-823-3546.

The information on this website is intended soley as a reference guide.  Every effort has been made to present accurate and reliable information, however, information changes periodically.  As a result, this page may contain some inadvertent errors. T he Auditor's Office would appreciate your kindness in notifying us of any inaccuracies by phone, e-mail or in person.
Readers of this website should take note that the information contained herein should not be construed as having the same weight and authority as City Code or City Administrative Rules.  In the event any information conflicts, this page is not controlling and users must instead follow the relevant legal authority.

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