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Previous Elections Results
Detailed results of City elections from 1905 to Present
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A listing of all City sponsored measures and citizen petitions since 1942
Directory of Current and Past Elected Officials
Listing of all City Elected Officials since 1913 and all mayors from 1851 to Present
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Summaries 1996 to 2003. Complete Reports available 2004 to Present.
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Campaign Finance Fund
Details of regulations, rules and procedures for publicly funded campaigns in Portland
Elections Trivia

  1. Since Portland voters first created the Commission form of government in 1913, how many times have they voted on changing our form of government?

    City voters have rejected 8 attempts to change our form of government, most recently in 2007. Learn more...

  2. What is the record for the number of candidates running for one particular City office?

    Since 1936, the record number of candidates running for one City office was 19 candidates for Commissioner No. 4 at the 1984 Special Election. Learn more about other races with a high number of candidates ...

  3. What is the record for number of Mayoral Candidates?

    Until the May 2004 Primary Election, the record number of candidates on the ballot for Mayor was 17 candidates in 2002.  Learn more...

  4. Has a City elected official ever been sucessfully recalled from office?

    Yes, twice, most recently in 1952.  There have been 4 failed attempts to recall a City official since 1913.  Learn more ...

  5. When was the last City referendum petition on the ballot? 

    In 1982 there was a Citizen referendum petition of an Ordinance to establish the Police Internal Investigation Auditing Committee .  Learn more ...


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Did You Know?

Since voters approved the Commission system in 1913, there have been eight failed attempts to change the City's form of government?


1952 Recall Petition
1952 Recall Petition - Scanned image of a petition to recall City Commissioner JE Bennett
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