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November 2012 - Register of Candidates

Candidates for Mayor


Hales, Charlie

Mailing Address:1220 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Campaign Telephone: 503-567-9430

Campaign Email: <None>

Campaign Web Site: http://www.charliehales.com

Principal Candidate Committee: Charlie Hales for Mayor (15089)

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Smith, Jefferson

Mailing Address: PO Box 28423, Portland, OR 97228

Campaign Telephone: 503-610-3238

Campaign Email: <None>

Campaign Web Site: www.jeffersonsmith.com

Principal Candidate Committee: Forward with Jefferson Smith (12456)

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Candidates for Commissioner, Position No. 1


Fritz, Amanda

Mailing Address: Amanda for Portland, PO Box 19594, Portland, OR 97280

Campaign Telephone: 503-960-3720

Campaign Email: AmandaFritzRN@aol.com

Campaign Web Site: http://www.Amanda2012.com

Principal Candidate Committee: Amanda for Portland 2012 (15097)

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Nolan, Mary

Mailing Address: PO Box 1686, Portland, OR 97207

Campaign Telephone: 503-236-8801

Campaign Email: nolan@marynolanforcitycouncil.com

Campaign Web Site: www.marynolanforcitycouncil.com

Principal Candidate Committee: Mary Nolan for City Council (3701)

Filing of Candidacy Form (AUD 120)


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