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TRN-10.01 - Banner Across the Right-of-Way Permits

Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau of Transportation Engineering & Development Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

I. Definition
The City periodically receives requests to place banners in the right of way for the purpose of identifying a neighborhood or a public charitable event. Permits are issued for three types of banners placed on one of three types of structures: street light poles, utility poles or Transit Mall banner standards (as defined in 17.45.020). For banners that hang over the public right-of-way affixed to utility poles and on the Transit Mall banner standards, permits are issued through Street Systems Management. Permits issued for hanging banners on street lights are issued by the Street Lighting Division of The Bureau of Transportation System Management.

II. Transit Mall Banner Reference
City Code Title & Chapter 17.45

III. Administrative Rule for Banners Outside of the Transit Mall
1. The banner and group making the request must meet the following conditions:
a. The banner may be in place for a maximum of three weeks.
b. The banner must be installed in the vicinity of the neighborhood or public charitable event it is announcing.
c. Logos of commercial supporters who help defray the cost of a banner shall be unobtrusive (typically less than 18" in diameter on a 3' by 24' banner).
d. Installation of banners at intersections, in the underground wiring districts and on City street light or traffic signal poles is not permitted.
e. Banners shall be installed with the bottom of the banner a minimum of 18 feet above the travel way and a minimum of 10 feet above the sidewalk area.
f. The banner shall be fabricated with crescent shaped slots held closed with a small piece of material or thread, which will blow open if a wind gust hits the banner, or some other equivalent means of reducing wind loading.
g. The banner shall be hemmed, fitted with grommets and constructed with a 5/16" or larger nylon rope for mounting to the support cable. The banner is mounted to a 3/8" or larger steel cable strung between the cable mounts.
h. The applicant must provide the City with a letter of authorization from whomever owns the structure on which the banner will be mounted.
i. A letter of support should be submitted from one of the recognized neighborhood associations.
j. Liability insurance shall be provided by one of the recognized neighborhood associations/district neighborhood coalitions or by a non-profit agency. See insurance requirement for right-of-way permits.
2. Application requirements for banner permits include:
a. Letter requesting a banner permit which includes a description of the event and the requested location, dates, contact person and phone number;
b. Information on the banner including the layout, design, construction, method of hanging the banner and any necessary engineering calculations demonstrating the mounting system will support the banner from failing;
c. Letter(s) of authorization from whomever owns the structure on which the banner will be hung
d. Liability insurance certificate and additional insured form that meet City of Portland Office of Transportation insurance requirements.
3. For further information, you may contact 503.823.7002.
4. Fees are full cost recovery per City Code 17.24.020.

City Code Title and Chapter 17.45
Pursuant to Rule Making Authority City Code Title and Chapter 3.12

Filed for inclusion in PPD December 19, 2003.