POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 16 Vehicles and Tra Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations.
16.40.130 LPT Company Permits Required − Application Process & Requirements.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 185496, effective August 10, 2012.)


A.  Permit Required. No person or entity may conduct business as an LPT for-hire transportation company without a valid, current LPT company permit issued by the City under Chapter 16.40.


B.  Application Requirements.  An applicant for an LPT company permit must submit to the Administrator:


1.  a completed application on a form supplied by the Bureau;


2.  proof of registration with the Secretary of State for any corporate, LLC or LLP entity;


3.  proof of registration with the Secretary of State for any assumed business name, along with a listing of the registrant of such;


4.  The name of any person or entity holding an ownership interest of 20 percent or more for any corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership;


5.  If an SAT company, proof that it has at least one valid government-approved contract for services; and


6.  A nonrefundable application fee in the amount outlined in the Fee Table in Section 16.40.590.


C.  Additional Requirements.  In addition to the requirements of Subsection 16.40.130 B., the Board has the authority to require, by administrative rule, that the applicant demonstrate some or all of the following:


1.  that it has an adequate amount of financial resources to ensure compliance with the requirements of this Chapter, including, but not limited to, insurance and vehicle requirements,


2.  that it has a valid business plan to enter into the for-hire market,


3.  that there is a need for additional LPT service providers in the City limits to service a growing demand or that the applicant has a business model to attract new business in the current market.


D.  Compliance with Secretary of State Rules.  No permit will be issued unless the company is validly registered with the Secretary of State, including all assumed business names. 


E.  The Director is authorized to provide by Administrative Rule the special permitting process for round trip medical transportation from distant areas for service provided by medical brokerages under contract with the Oregon Health Authority.