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August 19, 2003

CRC Minutes
August 19, 2003
Attendees:  Ric Alexander, TJ Browning, Mia Butzbaugh, Toni Jaffe, Hector Lopez, Hank Miggins, Doug Montgomery, Bob Ueland; Gary Blackmer, Linley Reese, and Richard Rosenthal
5:45 pm            Introductions and Ground Rules
6:00 pm            June 17, 2003 minutes reviewed and approved with friendly amendment provided by Mia Butzbaugh.
6:15 pm            CRC appeal No.  2003-X-009
The appellant notified the IPR today that he had decided to withdraw his appeal.
·        Mia Butzbaugh requested that the Internal Process Workgroup look at the issue/concern raised about who is the author of the interim report process.
6:30 pm            Director Report
                        September 6, 2003 – CRC interviews will be conducted with 12 finalists.  Toni Jaffe will be participating as the CRC representative and outgoing member.
                        October 26, 2003 – All day training for new and continuing CRC members will be held at Camp Withicom.
                        Hank Miggins has been confirmed to represent the CRC as a member of CPORT.
6:45 pm            CRC Work Group Reports
                        Policy – meeting scheduled for Friday, August 22nd at the Methodist Church .  Many policies to be reviewed.  Final draft of Officer ID at traffic stops.
                        Internal – has not met.  he next meeting is the second Wednesday of the month.
                        Outreach – Committee met and decided to have the next CRC meeting held out in the community and tonight’s meeting is being held at St. Andrew’s Community Center located in NE Portland.
                        Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs, PCC Rm. 112, September 6, 2003 10:00 am – 12:00 pm – Hector Lopez plans to attend this meeting and discuss the CRC City Ordinance.  Hank Miggins arranged this outreach opportunity for the CRC.
6:50 pm            Reports:
                        Recent City Council Appeal Hearing:
                        Denise Stone made suggestions regarding how the CRC should approach hearings before City Council:
                        “We need to speak to contested facts.”
                        “Those who have the deepest knowledge of the case should be the ones to present it and be able to answer the questions.”
The IPR Director recommended that CRC members attend Police Bureau roll calls to build rapport between the CRC and Police Officers in order to encourage individual officers to attend CRC meetings and represent themselves.  Some officers have stated that they believe the CRC is a hostile environment to be present at.
Auditor Blackmer recommended CRC members to go on ride-alongs as a way to build relationships.
Hector Lopez raised the possibility of having the ordinance changed to require officers to attend CRC hearings.  The IPR Director shared that union rules would require 4 hours minimum pay.
Denise Stone noted that the CRC has not obtained the documents necessary to be able to review the Mejia-Poot case.  She questioned where the CRC wanted to go from here?  The city’s attorney’s opinion is that the case is closed and the CRC is operating outside of its jurisdiction. (Therefore, IAD denied the CRC access to its records).
Motion: The CRC create a sub-committee that includes members of the public to discuss the issue.
Motion passed in favor 6 to 3.
Butzbaugh and Browning to coordinate the gathering.
7:20 pm            Working relationships discussion between the CRC and IPR.
Hector Lopez commented that the relationship among the CRC members is good, but the relationship between the CRC and IPR is not as strong as it should be.
Doug Montgomery stated that he believes the CRC should be more independent of the IPR.
Toni Jaffee commented that the CRC Committee members and IPR staff should meet with a facilitator and work through any issues and concerns, in order to get the partnership back on track.
TJ Browning stated that this is not a partnership, this is a working relationship.
Auditor Blackmer commented that there is a limit to the power and bounds that we all have (CRC and the IPR).  We need a forum (that is not public) to address and resolve these issues.
7:45 pm            Break
7:50 pm            Public Comment
8:05 pm            CRC Individual Statements:
Hector Lopez – Resigns from the CRC effective this meeting, August 19, 2003.
Denise Stone – Resigns from the CRC effective this meeting, August 19, 2003.
TJ Browning – Resigns from the CRC effective this meeting, August 19, 2003.
Mia Butzbaugh – Resigns from the CRC at the close of this meeting, August 19, 2003.
Doug Montgomery – Resigns from the CRC at the close of this meeting, August 19, 2003.
8:40 pm            Meeting adjourned.