POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Griffin-Valade Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 17 Public Improveme Chapter 17.52 Trees
17.52.030 Interference with Sewer by Tree Roots.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 173369, 182760 and 184957, effective November 25, 2011.)  Roots of any tree in dedicated street area which have entered any sewer, drain or house connection in the street area, or roots of any tree which have entered any sewer, drain or connection in a City‑owned sewer easement, and which are stopping, restricting or retarding the flow of sewage or drainage, are hereby declared to be a public nuisance.  Whenever the Director of the Bureau of Transportation finds that such condition appears to exist, the Commissioner of the department under whom the Office of the Director of the Bureau of Transportation is administered shall take steps in accordance with the procedure set forth in Title 29 concerning abatement of nuisances, including assessment of costs of abatement against the property abutting the street area and owning the tree.  As a part of the abatement, reasonable steps shall be taken to prevent future root entry and interference with the flow of sewage or drainage.  If the Director of the Bureau of Transportation believes that only removal of the tree will reasonably prevent future root entry into the sewage or drainage facility, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation shall so notify the owner and the Director of the Bureau of Parks and Recreation.  Thereupon if the Director of the Bureau of Parks and Recreation concurs with the determination that the removal is necessary, and the owner has not removed the tree, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation shall require the tree to be removed as a part of the nuisance abatement and the notice to abate shall so state.  A permit for removal shall be obtained, by the owner removing the tree, from the Bureau of Nuisance Abatement, as provided in this Chapter.

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