POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code and Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 17 Public Improveme Chapter 17.24 Permits
17.24.040 Refusal of a Public Improvement Permit.

A.  A permit application for a public improvement shall be refused when the street grade has not been established, if street grade is applicable directly or indirectly to the proposed improvement, while a proposal to change the grade is pending before the Council, or after plans have been filed with the Council to improve the street.


B.  The Director of the Bureau of Transportation may refuse a permit if in his/her judgment the proposed use or improvement:


1.  Is not suitable in the circumstances,


2.  Will not be uniform with existing or proposed street improvements in the immediate vicinity, or


3.  Includes movement of earth from one portion of street to another.


C.  The City Engineer delegates to the Chief Engineer of the Bureau of Environmental Services authority to refuse a permit or establish permit conditions for modification or repair of any nonconforming sewer or drainage systems within existing or proposed right-of-way.


D.  The Director of the Bureau of Transportation may refuse to issue a permit hereunder unless the application is modified as the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may deem necessary.  The Director of the Bureau of Transportation may require the addition of curbs if a sidewalk improvement is proposed.  The Director of the Bureau of Transportation may require the addition of curbs or sidewalks or both if the proposed improvement is a street improvement.  If the Director of the Bureau of Transportation finds that water main extensions are likely to be needed within 5 years after the completion of a street improvement, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation shall refuse issuance of a street improvement permit unless the water main extensions are provided before the completion of a proposed street improvement.  If an application is made for a street improvement and the Director of the Bureau of Transportation finds that public service installations will be needed below the surface of the street or that sanitary or storm drainage is necessary or that underground facilities are needed for future street light installations, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may refuse the application unless such installations are included within the proposal or are arranged to be completed prior to the completion of the proposed street improvement.

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