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October 12, 2011


Citizen Review Committee

October 12, 2011


Date Approved: November 9, 2011



Meeting Location: Lovejoy Room, 2nd Floor, Portland City Hall


Vice-chair Bigham called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.  (Chair Troy presided shortly thereafter.)


Introductions and Welcome


Citizen Review Committee (CRC) Members Present:Jamie Troy(Chair);MichaelBigham (Vice-chair),Jeff Bissonnette(Recorder),LorenEriksson,Hank Miggins, Andre Pruitt, Ayoob Ramjan,Steve Yarosh


City staff: Mary-Beth Baptista, Director, Independent Police Review (IPR); Constantin Severe, IPR Assistant Director


Portland Police Bureau: Captain Dave Famous, Internal Affairs (IA)


Community/Media:Dan Handelman, Portland Copwatch and Flying Focus Video; Regina Hannon, Portland Copwatch; Debbie Aiona, League of Women Voters;

Ann Brayfield


Approval of Minutes of the 9/14/11 CRC Meeting


Mr. Eriksson made a motion to approve the minutes of the 9/14/11 CRC meeting.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.   



Mr. Bissonnette presented a summary of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) Conference.


Director’s Report


IPR Work Plan / Accomplishments


>  IPR Director Baptista, IPR Assistant Director Severe, IPR Senior Management Analyst Reinke, and CRC Recorder Bissonnette attended the NACOLE annual conference. 


>  Office of Independent Review representatives traveled to Portland this month to attend a Use of Force / Officer-involved Shooting Police Review Board meeting. 


>  CRC Recruitment 2011: IPR launched the CRC recruitment in September and received 30 completed applications for five vacancies. 


IPR Community Outreach


>  Letters were sent to elected officials, judges, attorneys, community-based and faith-based organizations, and other members of the community who have shown interest in serving on CRC; three CRC informational sessions were held for interested community members; IPR Assistant Director Severe and CRC Chair Troy spoke on the KBOO radio station to expand awareness of IPR/CRC and to promote the CRC recruitment.


>  An international visitor from Indonesia met with Director Baptista, Community Outreach Coordinator Konev, and IPR Intern Lawashia Smith.


>  A meeting was held with Oregon Action staff and board members to promote awareness of IPR and CRC and to recruit CRC members.  Networking took place at Immigrant Refugee Community Organization, Race Talks Dialogues, and Community and Police Relations Committee meeting, as well as at several churches, local beauty salons, and community based organizations.


>  IPR Intern Lawashia Smith completed her internship and returned to college.  She made recommendations for IPR outreach material and created mock-ups of new brochures.  She made many connections between IPR and the community and promoted youth culture to the IPR staff.


Community Feedback to IPR: See Director’s Report.


IPR and IA Caseloads: See Director’s Report.


Status of Officer-involved Shootings and In-custody Death Investigations:  See Director’s Report.


CRC Chair’s Report (Chair Troy)


Chair Troy and Assistant Director Severe spoke and answered questions from listeners on KBOO.  Chair Troy met with Assistant Chief Hendricks to discuss CRC priorities and to provide feedback on areas of improvement and areas of concern with the Police Bureau; assisted in the CRC recruitment by speaking with some of the applicants who approached him about the role of CRC; and met with Director Baptista to discuss CRC priorities and IPR’s responses.         


Old Business




New Business


Dr. Silver expressed appreciation for the deliberate manner in which the Police Bureau has handled some recent potentially volatile situations.


Chair Troy explained proposed changes to the Appeal Process Advisor Guide, followed by a discussion about the room arrangement for appeal hearings.  


Dr. Silver asked if it would be possible to set up a microphone system in the meeting room, especially when there is an appeal, so that everyone can hear the proceedings.

Director Baptista offered to look into this. 


Mr. Yarosh questioned how the decline in the number of appeals has affected CRC’s role.      


Workgroup Updates


Appeals Workgroup (Chair Troy): The workgroup last met on 9/21/11 and continued working on revisions to the Appeal Process Advisor guidelines.  No further meetings will be scheduled until Council has enacted new ordinance language regarding appeals that go before Council. 


Outreach Workgroup (Mr. Miggins): The workgroup has met twice since the last CRC meeting (9/21/11 and 10/12/11).  The next community forum is being discussed.  The workgroup has decided to proceed with attempting to schedule the next forum in the Southeast Community Center.  Tentative dates are 1/25/12 or 1/26/12, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The workgroup is considering the possibility of a survey to determine if the group is accomplishing what it has set out to do.  On behalf of the workgroup members, Mr. Miggins reminded the CRC Chair that new appointments need to be made to the Outreach Workgroup.  The next meeting is scheduled for 10/9/11 at 4:00 p.m. in Audit Services Library in City Hall.  


Protocol Workgroup (Mr. Miggins): Workgroup remains in hiatus.


Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion Workgroup (Mr. Pruitt): The workgroup last met on 10/11/11 and finished putting together its mission, goals, and work plan. The next meeting is scheduled for 11/7/11 at 3:30 p.m.    


Recurring Audit Workgroup (Mr. Ramjan): The workgroup last met on 9/26/11.  Preparations were completed for the upcoming review of IPR dismissals.  The next meeting is scheduled for 10/24/11 at 10:00 a.m. in the Auditor’s large conference room.


Taser/Less-lethal Force Workgroup (Mr. Bigham): The workgroup last met on 9/20/11.  Members of the Police Bureau’s Training Division talked about how officers are trained in use of Tasers and less-lethal shotguns.  The next meeting is scheduled for 10/15/11 from 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. 


Wrap-up Comments   


Mr. Bissonnette met with Commissioner Fish about the CRC priorities for ordinance changes.  Mr. Bissonnette will provide CRC members with a copy of the Police Bureau’s five-year vision for community policing for their review and feedback.  He will also provide a summary of the training that Chief Rees is providing for the police in Bangladesh on community policing strategies.   


Dr. Silver and Mr. Yarosh met with Commissioner Fritz to discuss changing CRC’s standard of review from the reasonable person standard to preponderance of the evidence.


Director Baptista said that the new CRC members will have completed their training before their first CRC meeting in February 2012.


Chair Troy encouraged CRC members to meet with their assigned commissioners before a presentation is made to the Council about CRC’s priorities.   


Public Comment


Mr. Handelman suggested that the number of appeals would be increased if complaint dismissals were eligible for appeal.  


Ms. Aiona suggested, given the current lack of appeals, that CRC consider selecting cases for review and discussion during CRC meetings, as they did with the Lindsay Hunt case. 




Chair Troy adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m.