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Online Code Updated August 30, 2011

The Online Code has been updated to include all Code changes effective through August 26, 2011.


Ordinance No. 184716, effective August 5, 2011 adds Code Sections:

 7.02.880 Youth Employment Credit Programs.
 7.02.881 Foster Youth Employment Opportunity Credit.
 7.02.882 Youth Career Readiness Credit. 


Ordinance No. 184772, effective August 26, 2011 amends Code Sections:

 6.04.090 Deficiency Determination; Fraud, Evasion, Operator Delay.
 6.04.100 Redeterminations.
 6.04.140 Business License Appeals Board; Hearings Officer; Appeal; Rules.
 6.04.150 Appeal to Business License Appeals Board, Hearings Officer.
 6.04.160 Appeals to City Council.