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15.04.040 Declaration of State of Emergency.


A.  A state of emergency exists when:


1.  The situation requires a coordinated response beyond that which occurs routinely;


2.  The required response is not achievable solely with the added resources available through mutual aid or cooperative assistance agreements; and


3.  The Mayor or other City official, as provided in Portland City Code Section 15.08.010, has declared by proclamation that a State of Emergency exists.


B.  The declaration shall be in writing, shall designate the geographic boundaries of the area in which the State of Emergency exists, and shall fix the duration of time in which the State of Emergency shall exist.  The initial duration shall not exceed a two-week period, but may be extended in two-week increments.


C.  The Mayor must declare the City in a State of Emergency prior to requesting from the governing body of Multnomah County resources not available through mutual aid or cooperative assistance agreements.


D.  The Mayor shall have the power to ask the Governor to declare a State of Emergency within the City.  Pursuant to ORS 401.165 (2), the Mayor must submit the request through the governing body of Multnomah County.


E.  The Mayor shall terminate the State of Emergency by proclamation when the emergency no longer exists or when the threat of an emergency has passed.  The Mayor will communicate the change from the disaster response phase to the recovery phase with all appropriate officials.

Title 15 Emergency
Chapter 15.04 Emergency Code
Chapter 15.08 Executive Responsibility