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June 8, 2011


Citizen Review Committee

June 8, 2011


Date Approved: July 13, 2011


Meeting Location: Lovejoy Room, 2nd Floor, Portland City Hall 


Chair Troy called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.


Introductions and Welcome


Citizen Review Committee (CRC) Members Present: Jamie Troy (Chair), Michael Bigham (Vice-chair), Jeff Bissonnette (Recorder), Loren Eriksson, Hank Miggins, Andre Pruitt, Rochelle Silver, Steve Yarosh


CRC Member Absent: Ayoob Ramjan (excused)


City staff: Mary-Beth Baptista (IPR Director), Derek Reinke (IPR Senior Management Analyst)


Police Bureau: Captain Dave Famous, Internal Affairs (IA); Lieutenant Chris Davis (IA)


Community/Media: Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch and Flying Focus Video), Debbie Aiona (League of Women Voters), Carol Cushman (League of Women Voters), Regina Hannon (Portland Copwatch), Denis Theriault (Portland Mercury)


Approval of Minutes of the 5/11/11CRC Meeting


It was moved by Mr. Eriksson and seconded by Dr. Silver to approve the minutes of the 5/11/11 CRC meeting.  The minutes were unanimously approved.


Presentation of the IPR Annual Report


IPR Director Baptista and IPR Senior Management Analyst Reinke presented the 2010 IPR Annual Report, followed by questions and discussion.   


Director’s Report (Director Baptista)


Independent Police Review (IPR) Division Work Plan / Accomplishments:


The Portland Police Bureau has finalized the Standard Operating Procedure that defines the process for notifying IPR of all incidents in which deadly force is used by a Police Bureau member or an in-custody death occurs.  Upon notification of a deadly force or in-custody death incident, the Professional Standards Captain (or designee) will immediately notify the IPR Director (or designee) of the location of the incident, any circumstances known about the incident, and the date, time, and location of the Detective Division investigative briefing.  Once notified, a member of the IPR management team will respond to the scene to monitor the investigation.  That IPR manager will be assigned to the case and participate in all stages of the investigation until resolution.  IPR managers are on a monthly on-call rotation.   


The IPR Annual Report was released. 


IPR Community Outreach Coordinator Irene Konev worked with the Auditor and Ms. Teffini Penson of the Mayor’s Office to recruit and hire an intern from the Summer Youth Connect Program. 


Ms. Konev won the City of Portland Diversity Champion Award.   


IPR Community Outreach 


Ms. Konev attended the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Networking Event, focusing on recruiting women to CRC.  She attended the City Charter Review Commission, and the Portland City Club presentation on the intersections of mental health and the justice system.  


Ms. Konev coordinated meetings between members of Portland’s diverse community and the Office of Independent Review (OIR), which is currently conducting a review of officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths. 


IPR and IAD Caseloads:  See Director’s Report.


Status of Officer-Involved Shootings and In-Custody Death Investigations:  See Director’s Report.


CRC Chair’s Report (Chair Troy)


Chair Troy said that he has set a meeting with Mayor Adams to discuss when the City Council will consider the recommendations that have been put forward so that the update of the IPR ordinance may be completed.


Old Business




New Business


Chair Troy and Vice-chair Bigham have discussed with Director Baptista how the CRC may look further into media reports regarding the Lindsay Hunt case.  Ms.  Baptista noted that civil litigation is still ongoing, but Chief Reese has requested that CRC review the IA files after the litigation is completed in order to have a meaningful conversation about this case.  Captain Famous said that IA will be happy to address any questions the CRC might have after reviewing the files, and he offered to invite the Training Division to do so as well.  Ms. Baptista pointed out that the file review on this case, although similar to file reviews that are done for appeals, will not include recommendations for alternate findings.  


Ms. Baptista announced that IPR will resume going to the Police Bureau’s Advanced Academy to inform recruits about IPR’s role in the complaint process.  The next Advanced Academy will begin on 6/20/11. 


Dr. Silver proposed that CRC recommend to City Council that something be named after James P. Chasse as a memorial to him and others.  There was no objection to Chair Troy’s suggestion to schedule this matter for discussion under Old Business in the next CRC meeting. 


Referring to a presentation on police interactions with the mentally ill that had been given by the OHSU chief resident, Dr. Silver suggested inviting the resident to present  at a future CRC meeting.  An attempt will be made to obtain a video of the original presentation for CRC members to review prior to the CRC presentation.  Chair Troy tentatively scheduled this for the August CRC meeting. 


Workgroup Updates


Appeals Workgroup (Mr. Troy):  Last meeting was on 5/25/11.  Work is continuing on Protocol PSF-5.21 (Appeal Process Advisor).  The next meeting is scheduled for 6/14/11 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Mr. Troy’s office. 


Outreach Workgroup (Mr. Miggins):  Last meeting was on 6/8/11.  The workgroup discussed the agenda and speaking assignments for the upcoming community forum.  The next workgroup meeting is scheduled for 6/16/11 at 3:30 p.m.


Recruitment and Retention Workgroup (Mr. Yarrosh):  The first meeting of this workgroup was on 6/8/11.  The purpose of the meeting was to clarify the mission of the workgroup and the approach to be taken.  At the suggestion of Director Baptista, the workgroup agreed to review promotional criteria within the Police Bureau.  The workgroup has agreed to explore collaborating with the Community and Police Relations Committee on these issues.  The next meeting date will be announced when determined.


Protocol Workgroup (Mr. Miggins):  The Protocol Workgroup continues to be in suspension pending City Council’s consideration of the Stakeholder Committee recommendations. 


Recurring Audit Workgroup (Mr. Bissonnette):  The workgroup is working on the mechanics of its next audit, which will be of IPR dismissals.  A date has not yet been determined for the next meeting. 


Taser/Less-lethal Force Workgroup (Mr. Bigham):  Last meeting was on 6/7/11.  The workgroup continues working on formulating recommendations.  The next meeting is scheduled for 6/28/11 at 2:00 p.m.   


Wrap-up Comments  


Director Baptista commented that although there has been a significant philosophy shift in the Police Bureau over the past year, reflected in a positive working relationship and respect for oversight, this does not affect IPR’s independence from the Police Bureau. 

She reminded CRC members that they are also expected to be unbiased and neutral.


Public Comment


Mr. Handelman thanked IPR for presenting the Annual Report at the CRC meeting.

He commended the IPR Director for including feedback from the community in the Director’s Report.  Mr. Handelman questioned IPR’s decision to discontinue sending satisfaction surveys to complainants. 


Ms. Aiona thanked the IPR Director for including a chart on shootings and deaths in- custody investigations in the Director’s Report.  She suggested incorporating on the chart the specific stages at which IPR is involved in each case.  Ms. Aiona commended IPR for the timeliness of its Annual Report.  She would like a table showing the various types of force re-included in the Annual Report.  Ms. Aiona noted an increase in failure to identify officers in complaints, and she questioned the possible reasons for this increase.   




Chair Troy adjourned the meeting at 7:48 p.m.