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Online Code Updated February 25, 2011

The Online Code has been updated to include all Code changes through February 23, 2011.


Ordinance No. 184361, effective February 11, 2011:

Amended Section:

16.40.030  Definitions.

Added Sections:

16.40.620  Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver Permits Required - Application Process and Requirements.

16.40.630  Horse-Drawn Carriage Company Permits Required - Application Process and Requirements.

16.40.640  Horse-Drawn Carriage Permit and Plate Required - Application Process and Requirements.

16.40.650  Horse-Drawn Carriage Insurance Requirements.

16.40.660  Horse-Drawn Carriage Temperature, Time and Place Restrictions.

16.40.670  Operation of Horse-Drawn Carriages: Requirements and Prohibitions.

16.40.680  Care of Carriage Horses.

16.40.690  Horse-Drawn Carriage Regulations.

16.40.700  Horse-Drawn Carriage Penalties.


Ordinance Nos. 184403 and 184404, effective February 2, 2011:

Amended Sections:

5.33.020  City Council as Local Contract Review Board.

5.33.040  Authority of Chief Procurement Officer.

5.33.050  Authority for Golf Concession Contracts.

5.33.075  Affirmative Action.

5.33.220  Special Procurements.

5.33.670  Disposition of Offers if Solicitation Canceled.

5.33.700  Protests and Judicial Review of Special Procurements

5.33.730  Protests and Judicial Review of Solicitation Documents and the Procurement Process.

5.33.740  Protests and Judicial Review of Contract Award.

5.34.040  Affirmative Action.

5.34.110  Emergency Contracts; Bidding and Bonding Exemptions.

5.34.320  Specifications and Brand Names.

5.34.510  Prequalification of Offerors.

5.34.730  Protest of Contractor Selection, Contract Award.

5.34.740  Protests of Other Violations.

5.34.850  Requests for Proposals (RFP).

5.34.860  RFP Pricing Mechanisms.

5.34.915  BOLI Public Works Bond.

Added Section:

5.33.065  Authority for Stormwater Improvements.


Ordinance No. 184427, effective February 23, 2011:

Amended Sections:

5.68.010  Definition.

5.68.015  General Requirements - PTE Manual.

5.68.020  Application.

5.68.030  Public Announcement of Requirements.

5.68.035  Authority to Obligate City for Professional, Technical or Expert Services.

5.68.050  Review by City Attorney and Chief Procurement Officer.

5.68.060  Outside Legal Services.

5.68.090  Selection of Architectural, Engineering and Land Surveying Consultants for PTE Contracts.

5.68.100  Direct Contracts with Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors.