POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 5 Revenue and Finan Chapter 5.34 Public Improvements and Construction Services
5.34.110 Emergency Contracts; Bidding and Bonding Exemptions.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 181547, 183445 and 184403, effective February 2, 2011.)


A.  The City may declare that Emergency circumstances exist that require prompt execution of a Public Contract for Emergency construction.  Those contracts are governed by ORS 279B.080 and Chapter 5.33 of this Code.  Emergency contracts pursuant to a Proclamation of a State of Emergency or Disaster, however, are governed by Section 5.33.135.


B.  The Council or Person authorizing the Emergency Procurement shall document the nature of the Emergency and describe the method used for the selection of the particular Contractor.  The Emergency declaration may exempt the Public Contract from the competitive bidding requirements of ORS 279C.335(1) and shall thereafter be kept on file as a public record.


C.  The City shall seek competition for Emergency Contracts as reasonable and appropriate under the Emergency circumstances, and may include Written requests for Offers, oral requests for Offers or direct appointment without competition in cases of extreme necessity, in whatever Solicitation time periods the City considers reasonable in responding to the Emergency.


D.  The authority to declare an Emergency and authorize an Emergency Contract shall be as follows:


1.  The Chief Procurement Officer may declare the existence of an Emergency and authorize the City or any of its bureaus to enter into an Emergency Contract not to exceed $150,000.


2.  A bureau director may declare the existence of an Emergency and authorize the bureau to enter into an Emergency Procurement Contract not to exceed $150,000 only if the Chief Procurement Officer or Person to whom the powers of the Chief Procurement Officer have been delegated, is not available when the purchase needs to be made.


3.  A Commissioner-in-Charge of a bureau may declare the existence of an Emergency and authorize the City and the bureaus of which the Commissioner has responsibility to enter into an Emergency Contract not to exceed $500,000. 


4.  A Commissioner-in-Charge of a bureau may declare the existence of an Emergency and authorize the City and the bureaus of which the Commissioner has responsibility to enter into an Emergency Contract over $500,000. 


a.  Following the declaration of an Emergency the Commissioner shall immediately prepare an ordinance for approval of the Emergency Contract by the City Council at its next regularly scheduled session or as soon as possible thereafter.  That Contract shall be added to the regular agenda of the Commissioner without the need for approval for inclusion on the agenda by other Commissioners. 


b.  If the Council adopts the ordinance, the City will pay for the Work required by the Contract.  If Council disapproves the ordinance, the City only will pay for Work performed prior to the date that the Council considered the ordinance for approval.  If for any reason presentation of the ordinance to the Council is delayed, the City still will only be liable for Work performed prior to the time when the ordinance first was presented to the Council.


E.  Any Contract Awarded under this section shall be Awarded within 60 Days, unless the City Council authorizes a longer period of time.


F.  All documentation of Emergency Contracts shall be sent to the Chief Procurement Officer for record keeping purposes.


G.  All Emergency Contracts Awarded when there was no Emergency or reasonable perception of Emergency are void unless the Contract was otherwise valid under another portion of the City’s Purchasing Rules. 


H.  After the Award of an Emergency Contract, the City shall execute a Written Contract with the Contractor as soon as possible.


I.  All such Contracts, whether or not signed by the Contractor, shall be deemed to contain a termination for convenience clause permitting the City to immediately terminate the Contract at its discretion and, unless the Contract was void, the City shall pay the Contractor only for Work performed prior to the date of termination plus the Contractor’s unavoidable costs incurred as a result of the termination. In no event will the City pay for anticipated lost profits or consequential damages as a result of the termination.


J.  Emergency Contracts may be modified by change order or amendment to address the conditions described in the original declaration or an amended declaration that further describes additional Work necessary and appropriate for related Emergency circumstances.


K.  Pursuant to ORS 279C.380(4) and this rule, the Emergency declaration may also state that the City waives the requirement of furnishing a performance bond and payment bond for the Emergency Contract. After making such an Emergency declaration those bonding requirements are excused for the Procurement, but this Emergency declaration does not affect the separate Public Works bond requirement for the benefit of the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) in enforcing prevailing wage rate and overtime payment requirements.  In addition, nothing herein shall prevent the Chief Procurement Officer or City Council from subsequently requesting such from bonds the Contractor after work begins.

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