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Online Code Updated February 11, 2011

The Online Code has been updated to include all Code changes effective through January 7, 2011.


Ordinance No. 184288, effective January 7, 2011:


Section 17.102.100 Right of Appeal and Payment of Assessments.

Section 17.102.230 Applications for Commercial Collection Permits, Issuance, Denial.

Section 17.102.240 Revocation or Suspension of Commercial Collection Permits.

Section 17.102.290 Storing Solid Waste, Recycling or Compostable Containers in the Right of Way Prohibited.

Section 17.102.330 Enforcement and Notice of Violations for PSF Ban.


Ordinance No. 184329, effective December 15, 2010:

replaces Code Chapter 3.38 Housing and Community Development Commission (HDC) with Chapter 3.38 Portland Housing Advisory Commission (PHAC).