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In order to send records to the Archives and Records Center, you will need to fill out the Record Activity Notice (RAN). There are six sheets included in the Records Activity Notice Excel workbook. The first three sheets (blue tabs) are instructions for filling out the forms and for packing the boxes.  The second three sheets (purple tabs) are the forms you’ll need to complete. Please read the instructional sheets first, and then fill out the Box List, the Folder List, and Transfer SheetPlease do not list more than 25 boxes per RAN.


When you're finished filling out the forms, attach the entire RAN workbook to an email and send it to our general PARC email for review and approval. If approved, you’ll receive an email with a Confirmation of Approval number for the shipment; print out the email and attach it to the top of one of the boxes. You’ll also need to contact Printing and Distribution (P&D)  to arrange for a box pick-up. Contact P&D at 503-823-4448 and access the Online Service Order through the P&D website.


If we encounter any problems with your RAN or boxes, someone from PARC will contact you about what corrective actions need to be made.  We encourage people to contact us with questions about the process: parc@portlandonline.com or 503-865-4100. 


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