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July 22, 2003

Citizen Review Committee
July 22, 2003
CRC Members Present:  Denise Stone (Vice Chair), Robert Ueland (Recorder), Hank Miggins, TJ Browning, Doug Montgomery
City Staff Present:  Gary Blackmer (City Auditor), Joseph DeAngelis (IPR Management Analyst)
I.  Work Group Reports
  • Internal Process Work Group (Miggins):  No activity since the June 21 CRC Retreat. 
  • Outreach Work Group (Montgomery):  No activity
  • Policy Work Group (Stone):  two policy reports to discuss at this meeting.  Doug Montgomery is working with the work group to put together a list of policy issues identified in the retreat.  This will be combined with the list of policy issues that the Policy Work Group already had.  Two policy recommendation reports (Profanity and Hooper Detox) are ready for review at this meeting and the third (Officer Identification) is in the editing stage. The goal is to have the Officer Identification report ready for review at the next CRC meeting.
II.  Review and Discussion of Policy Work Group Recommendations
A.  HooperCenter Report (Ueland)
At TJ Browning’s suggestion, Bob Ueland agreed to recommend that the Police Bureaus make their wording of the directive on taking persons into detox custody consistent with the wording of the ORS.
TJ Browning made a motion to add a recommendation that there should be a liability release (to be used when transferring custody from the police officer to a caregiver).
Motion passed unanimously.
Bob Ueland made a motion to adopt the Hooper Detox report with the changes recommended by CRC. The motion was seconded and passed by a vote of 5-1.
            Yes – Alexander, Montgomery, Stone, Ueland, Miggins
            No -- Browning
B.  Profanity Report (Stone)
TJ Browning made a motion to accept the report with the change of the word “should” to “may” on page 7.  Doug Montgomery seconded the motion with a friendly amendment of also changing the term “national best practices” to “current practices in other cities”.  The motion passed unanimously.
(TJ Browning left the meeting at this point.)
III.  Review of ordinance issues discussed at the June 21CRC retreat  (Denise Stone)
IV.  The CRC authorized Vice Chair Stone to contact Asssistant Chief Berg and, if necessary, Chief Kroeker to request CRC representation on the Citizen Police Organizational Review Team (CPORT).
Public testimony
Meeting adjourned 
Approved by IPR - 10/31/2003