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And More Pictures... - Printable Version - March 10, 2010 - 0 Comments

I think there may be only so many pictures of empty shelves and carts with boxes on them that people really want to see, but I do feel it is important to continue to document the progress.  Each box that leaves our old building gets us a step closer to being done and ready re-opened to the public.


The pattern on the floor indicating where shelves used to be

Empty stacks on the main floor


The sheer volume of shelves needed to make use of the vertical space in the room as well as the pattern on the walls (much like the floor pattern) showing where shelves used to be

Deconstructed shelving ready to be reused


We are also documenting specific moments during the move like the last of the gray boxes from the main floor stacks (the bulk of our historical collection is at our new location)

Last gray box from the main floor stacks


And of course the nuance of moving flat map files through people sized doors at our old building – taking out each drawer, moving the file out to the truck, walking each drawer through two people sized doors while keeping the contents undisturbed, loading each drawer back into the file and stretch wrapping each so they don’t open during the transfer.

Loading flat file drawers


They arrived safe and soundMap flat files in new building


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