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Phase 2 - The Move in Pictures - Printable Version - February 25, 2010 - 0 Comments

We started with the boxes on the main floor at our Chimney Park location which will be moved to the 5th floor at our new location on the PSU campus.  But pictures can say so much more than words so the following will be mostly pictures with captions.  Enjoy the move virtually, starting with the first morning of the move (there are quite a few firsts documented).


The first boxes being loaded onto cart #1 (we are now up to cart #560)

Rose City Movers loading the first box


The first full carts to arrive at the new location

Rose City Movers unloading the first carts


The first boxes being loaded onto the newly built shelves at our new location.

Tom loading the first box


While the boxes are being moved to the completed shelves in the new location, the other crew continues to build and bolt down the new shelving.

Builind the last shelves for the 5th floor


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