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Phase 1 - Shelf Building on the 5th Floor - Printable Version - February 11, 2010 - 0 Comments

Building the shelving on the 5th floor

Now that the majority of the office has been moved and we are settling into our new space, the next phase is beginning. Last week we received deliveries of shelving materials to build out the 5th floor stacks.  The materials were strategically laid out so the team building the shelves could start assembling quickly and easily.



Shelving materials for the 5th floor stacksBy the end of last week the crew started building the shelves. First the framing and the braces, then placing the individual shelves.  You can see the very first row built in the far right corner. 


Drilling holes to bolt down the shelvesMonday they started drilling through the concrete to bolt the shelves into place. Progress is being made but it sure can be loud! I for one think the shelves make it feel more like home.


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