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LIC-8.31 - Vehicle Requirements


Administrative Rule Adopted by Private for Hire Transportation Board of Review Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



In determining whether a vehicle violates 16.40.380 A, the following definitions apply:


A.  “Clean” means that the inside and outside of vehicles are free of dirt, grease, grime, glue, tape (such as duct or masking tape), trash, litter or other substance. This applies to the vehicle’s paint, upholstery, windows, floorboard and integrated parts of the vehicle’s body.


B.  “Good appearance and good repair” means:


1.  There are no missing nor makeshift parts for vehicles, including but not limited to, fenders, hood, trunk lid, doors, door handles, windows, chrome or rubber strips, wheel covers, upholstery, ashtrays, or carpeting; and,


2.  The horn and all lights, turn signals and back-up signals are in good working order; and,


3.  The vehicle body is free of dents, broken or cracked equipment, including but not limited to, windows, lights, light covers, top light and reflectors. Taxicabs must be properly painted in the company colors.


C.  “Properly equipped” means having properly functioning windshield wipers, windshield washers, interior/dome lights, odometer, speedometer and mufflers, tail pipes or other exhaust components that prevent unnecessary noise and smoke emissions, for pedicabs only as applicable. All equipment and devices must be maintained in good working order.


D.  “Safe condition” means that the vehicle is in compliance with the standards contained in ORS Title 59, Oregon Vehicle Code, Chapters 801 through 823.


Reference: City Code Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations.




Adopted by the Private for Hire Transportation Board of Review October 14, 2009 as Administrative Rule No. PFH 16.40.380-01.

Renumbered by City Auditor and filed for inclusion in PPD October 21, 2009.

Table of Contents
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