POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Griffin-Valade Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 17 Public Improveme Chapter 17.32 Public Sewer and Drainage System Permits, Connections and Maintenance
17.32.140 Contents of Permit.

A.  Any permit issued for the construction of a public sewer or drainage improvement may contain conditions that shall be binding upon the permittee and current and subsequent property owners.  Such conditions may include:


1.  Full payment of permit fees.


2.  Prior filing of a performance bond, cash, or other financial guarantee in lieu thereof in an amount not to exceed the design engineer's estimate for construction and engineering, insurance.


3.  Specifics about the kind of work and the time in which the same is to be completed.


4.  Such other requirements as the Chief Engineer finds appropriate in the public interest. 


B.  All permits to construct a public sewer or drainage improvement shall include the following standard conditions in addition to any other condition the Chief Engineer deems necessary:


1.  The resulting public sewer shall be located in a public easement or public right of way and shall come under public control upon plat and easement recording with the County. 


2.  City personnel may enter upon the particular private property for the purpose of testing, inspection and surveying if required, during the course of construction of the public sewer or drainage improvements.


3.  City inspection personnel may reject or require correction of work that is not in accordance with the approved plans and standard specifications and would prevent future acceptance of the improvements.


4.  The plat and easements must be recorded with the County prior to final acceptance of the public sewer improvements.


5.  The permittee shall hold the City of Portland harmless against any liability that may occur during construction prior to dedication of the right of way or recording of the easement, and the permittee assumes all risk of loss that may arise in the event the City or any other public agency subsequently requires changes in or additions to plans or refuses to approve all or any part of the permittee's improvements.


6.  Any drainage improvements made on private property shall be permanently maintained at the expense of the private property owner as a condition of the drainage improvement permit.


7.  The permittee shall, at the permittee's own expense, maintain the public sewer or drainage improvements for a period of 24 months following the letter of completion by the Chief Engineer, as assurance against defective workmanship or materials employed and to assure the improvement is properly operating and being maintained as designed.  BES may extend the warranty period for any repairs, alterations or rehabilitations that need to occur during the original warranty period. 


8.  The issuance of a permit in no way waives any requirements by the City or any other public agency that may be associated with the development of a plat or Planned Unit Development.

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