POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Griffin-Valade Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 16 Vehicles and Tra Chapter 16.70 Miscellaneous Regulations
16.70.800 Visibility.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 165987, 173369 and 183397, effective January 8, 2010.)


A.  It is the responsibility of the owner or occupant of any property to prevent any vegetation or street tree on the property or the abutting public right-of-way from partially or wholly obstructing the visibility of traffic control devices, the visibility of or for drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians, or in any way presents a safety hazard.


B.  The person who owns or occupies said property is liable to any person who is injured or otherwise suffers damage by reason of the failure to remove or prune such vegetation as required by Title 16 or any other Title of the City Code.  Furthermore, said person is liable to the City of Portland for any judgement or expense incurred or paid by the City, by reason of said person’s failure to satisfy the obligations imposed by this or any other Title of the City Code.


C.  Any street tree removal or pruning required by this Title must be done in accordance with the provisions of Title 20.


D.  Vegetation, including trees, in green street or other public stormwater management facilities, shall be trimmed only by the City or under the authorization of the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES). 


E.  Any vegetation or street tree not removed or pruned as required in this Title is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and may be summarily abated as provided in Title 29.


F.  Whenever the provisions of this section conflict with those of any other section of this code, including but not limited to Titles 16, 17, 18, 20, and 33, the stricter provisions shall govern.