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City Slogan

"The City that Works"
In 1995 the Portland City Council selected "The City that Works" as a new slogan for City government. The slogan resulted from a contest among City workers for suggestions to make the city more efficient and customer-service oriented. Parks Bureau community relations director came up with the new slogan to go on all city vehicles. The slogan, "The City that Works," is accompanied by the city/county information and referral line number, 503-823-4000, and the name of the bureau that operates the vehicle.
"Having our new slogan 'The City that Works' on all our dump trucks, etc., lets the citizens know that the city cares about what they think and wants to hear from them," said Mayor Vera Katz. "And that's whether it's just a question of why we're doing something, a complaint, or a compliment for a job well done."

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