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LIC-8.17 - Selecting Industry Board Members


Administrative Rule Adopted by Private for Hire Transportation Board of Review Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



A.  The Administrator will give public notice of upcoming elections for Board member positions B.8 through B.14 no later than July 2, 2009. The notice will be in the same form and manner as notices for Board meetings. After the initial board members are selected, future notices for these same board positions will be sent not less than eight weeks prior to the end of a current member’s term for that industry.


B.  Anyone wishing to run for representative must submit in writing their name and the position sought to the Administrator within 14 days of the election notice release date as described in subsection A above. The requested information must be received at the Revenue Bureau no later than 5 pm on the 14th day. The initial elections for board member positions B.8-B.14 will be held no sooner than July 20, 2009 and no later than August 21, 2009. All future elections for industry Board members will occur not less than 4 weeks nor more than 8 weeks from the end date of the current industry member’s term.


C.  If no individual seeks the position within the required timeframe for an election, the position will remain vacant and the Administrator will give a new election notice not less than 2 months nor more than 4 months after the term would have started.


D.  The Administrator will provide qualification guidelines for each Industry Board member position along with the notice of vacancy.


E.  The following requirements apply to company representative board elections:


1.  Each individually permitted and legally recognized private for-hire transportation company is entitled to only one vote per company entity for the industry board member that will represent that company’s specific segment of the for-hire transportation industry.


2.  If a company engages in for-hire transportation services for more than one industry segment, that company must choose the industry segment in which it will cast its ballot. A company cannot cast a ballot for more than one industry representative position. A company is allowed to vote in a specific industry representative’s election if either (a) that industry comprises a majority of the company’s business income or (b) if the company has at least 20 vehicles in that particular industry segment. If a company satisfies both conditions for more than one industry segment, it must choose only one of those industries when voting for an industry representative.


F.  Elections for both the company and driver representatives as listed in 16.40.040 B.8-B.14 will take place at the usual location of the Standing Committee meetings for companies and drivers. In addition, the Revenue Bureau will accept ballots during business hours on the business day before, the day of and the day after the company and driver standing committee election dates. Votes may only be cast in person at either the company or driver standing committee meeting (as applicable) or at the Revenue Bureau’s offices. The Administrator or his or her representative may require government-issued identification prior to accepting a ballot if the Administrator or his/her representative does not personally recognize or know the person casting the ballot.


G.  Non-industry Board member positions (16.40.040.B.2-B.7) must follow any applicable City policies or procedures required with respect to the appointment of positions on City Boards.


H.  Bureau staff will assist in the election process by providing, among other things, an election checklist, acceptance of nominations for any industry board representative, and a distribution of the names of individuals seeking the representative positions.


Reference: City Code Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations.




Adopted by the Private For Hire Transportation Board of Review October 14, 2009 as Administrative Rule No. PFH 16.40.040-01.

Renumbered by City Auditor and filed for inclusion in PPD October 21, 2009.

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