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TRN-11.01 - Idle Reduction Policy for All City Vehicles and Equipment


Binding City Policy



Link to Exhibit A - Idle Reduction Policy  (PDF Document, 32 kb)




Section 1. The Council finds:


1. The City is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices, as supported by Council decisions such as the Sustainable City Principles (Resolution No. 35338), the Local Action Plan on Global Warming (Resolution No. 35995), the Sustainable City Government Partnership (Resolution No. 36468), and the Toxics Reduction Strategy (Resolution Number 36408).


2. Reducing idle time supports the City’s climate change goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


3. Reducing the combustion of fossil fuels reduces airborne sulfur dioxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and other harmful pollutants known to cause respiratory and nervous system damage, cancer, and other health problems.


4. Industry analysis estimates that reducing idle time can reduce fuel consumption by approximately 12%. The City currently purchases about 1.9 million gallons of fuel per year, which would translate into 228,000 gallons per year in potential fuel cost and consumption savings.


5. An Administrative Rule, attached as Exhibit A, outlines the proposed Idle Reduction Policy, including idle time limits for specific circumstances and vehicle types. This provides guidance for employee behavior and a consistent standard for bureau enforcement.





NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:


a. The City hereby adopts the Idle Reduction Policy as a binding City Policy.


b. This Administrative Rule will be published in the Transportation section of the Auditor’s Office Portland Policy Documents.


c. This Administrative Rule shall be effective June 24, 2009


Link to Exhibit A - Idle Reduction Policy  (PDF Document, 32 kb)




Ordinance No. 182871, passed by City Council June 3, 2009 and effective June 24, 2009.