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June 16, 2009


Citizen Review Committee

June 16, 2009


Date Approved:


Meeting Location: Lovejoy room, Portland City Hall


CRC Members Present: Michael Bigham (Chair), Loren Eriksson, JoAnn Jackson, Mark Johnson, Hank Miggins Lewellyn Robison, Rochelle Silver


City staff: LaVonne Griffin-Valade (City Auditor), Mary-Beth Baptista (IPR Director), Michael Hess (IPR), Linly Rees (Deputy City Attorney), Shannon Callahan (Commissioner Saltzman’s Office)


Police Bureau:  Captain Famous (IAD), Lieutenant Schober (IAD), Acting Lieutenant Galvan, Commander Keith Morse (former Southeast Precinct)


Community Members: Dan Handelman (Portland CopWatch), David Brandt, Jeff Clenaghan, Regina Hannon, Sarah LaFleur, Patrick Collier, James Pitkin (Willamette Week)


I. Chair Bigham called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.


II. Introductions and welcome.


III.Approval of 5/19/09 minutes:  Mr. Eriksson moved that the minutes be approved.  Mr. Miggins seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


IV.Appeal of case #2008-C-0037 and 2008-C-0100 (same appellant)


Appellant was not present. Mr. Johnson made a motion to set the hearings over until the 8/18/09 meeting. Mr.Miggins seconded. After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Miggins asked for clarification of the finding of “unproven” vs. “unfounded,” which was  previously used. Captain Famous offered to research this and provide the information to CRC.  


V. Director’s Report (Director Baptista)


> Work Plan: 2009 CRC recruitment began on 6/16/09; Use of Force Workgroup Report should be released in July.


> Outreach Activities: Outreach Coordinator Irene Konev provided training to three agencies, attended several community meetings, and held six meetings with the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.  


> Appeals: There are currently two cases eligible for appeal.



VI.Workgroup Updates


Bias-based Policing Workgroup (Mr. Johnson)  Last meeting 6/16/09:  Discussed             community feedback to the interim report and Police Bureau’s report on racial profiling; discussed upcoming meeting with Chief Sizer, scheduled for 6/23/09 at 2:00 p.m. 


> Next meeting:  To be determined


        Case Handling Workgroup (Mr. Johnson). Did not meet in the past month.


> Next meeting: No meeting scheduled.


IPR Structure Review Workgroup (Ms. Jackson).  Last meeting 6/9/09: Discussion of transparency focus area. 


> Next meeting: 7/9/09, 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 pm. 1st Floor Auditor’s Conference Room:  Continue discussion and suggestions on formulating the draft report; determine when to meet with CRC members of other workgroups, who have requested a meeting to provide input regarding specific focus-areas.

Outreach Workgroup (Mr. Miggins):  Last meeting 6/8/09: Discussed goals of workgroup and reviewed

history of outreach efforts.


> Next meeting:  To be determined.


PARC Report Review Workgroup (Mr. Bigham).  Last meeting: 5/5/09:  Continued review of Police Bureau’s response to PARC recommendations.


> Next meeting: 6/30/09, 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm, Audit Services Library: Continue review of Police Bureau’s response to PARC recommendations... 


Protocol Workgroup (Ms. Robison).   Did not meet in the past month.


> Next meeting: To be determined. 


VII. Old Business:


Ms. Silver: Community Outreach Coordinator Irene Konev and Ms. Silver met with Commissioner Fritz and her policy advisor, Dora Perry. Discussed CRC recruitment, appeals, and outreach.  


Director Baptista: IPR Senior Management Analyst Reinke will soon have a draft script ready for calling complainants to ask why they did not request an appeal. 


Ms. Robison asked about Tracking List Workgroup.  Mr. Bigham said that he, Mr. Miggins, and Mr. Eriksson would schedule a meeting.


VIII. New Business:


Mr. Bigham stated that Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office has joined the TriMet Division. Mr. Bigham will meet with Commander Jarmer regarding the letter of agreement.


Mr. Eriksson noted that the current monthly report on Age of IAD Investigations included precinct investigations. Captain Famous explained that some IAD investigations are assigned to precincts, and these are now being included in the report.


IX. Public Comment


Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch): appreciates the explanations given to the public about the workgroups; is pleased that the changes made to Police Bureau findings are being questioned.  


X.Wrap-up Comments: Captain Famous introduced Lieutenant Schober, who has recently been transferred to IAD. 


XI.Chair Bigham adjourned the meeting at 6:3532 pm.