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FIR-1.14 - Issuance of Public/Special Event Citations

Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Fire & Rescue Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

To set guidelines in the issuance of Public/Special Event citations.

This policy applies to all Fire Prevention personnel who are authorized to issue these citations.

1. Information for the public about the citation (see attached), shall be included on the Public/Special Event permit (see attached). It shall include when a citation can be issued, the fine amounts, a list of violations and the appeals process.
2. When issuing a citation in person, the inspector shall explain why a citation is being issued, the amount of the citation and the appeals process, which is listed on the back of the citation. The citation can also be mailed by registered or certified mail.
3. After a citation is issued, a copy of the citation shall be given to the appropriate FMO supervisor.
4. Each citation has a space for the event permit number. This will refer you to the permit floor plan, where notes on hazards noted during inspections, are kept.
5. As noted in Title 31, 31.40.030(16)(b), we can issue a citation to any person, firm, or corporation.

Filed for inclusion in PPD June 13, 2003.
Originally adopted by Fire Marshal as Fire Prevention Division Policy Manual Document A-14, effective May 15, 1997.