POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 16 Vehicles and Tra Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations.
16.40.310 Taximeter Requirements.

A.  Every taxicab must be equipped with a taximeter in accurate operating condition, with a lighted face that can easily be read at all times by the passenger.


B.  Every taximeter must be inspected by a certified taximeter installer and certified at installation, at change in rate, and within 1 year of the last inspection. A certificate of inspection must be issued by a qualified taximeter repair service upon each inspection.  A copy of the certificate of inspection must remain in the taxicab.


C.  Certificates of inspection must include:


1.  The identifying number of the taximeter;


2.  The make, model and license number of the taxicab in which the taximeter is installed;


3.  The name of the taxicab company;


4.  The date of inspection;


5.  A statement that the taximeter has been inspected and approved as operating within the limits of accuracy as specified by Subsection 16.40.310 E., as well as on the basis of rates on file with the Administrator under Section 16.40.290; and


6.  The signature of the individual making the certification.


D.  Taxi companies must keep on file copies of all certificates of inspection until the taximeter is recalibrated and the certificate is no longer accurate.


E.  Taximeters must operate within the following limits of accuracy: Plus or minus 50 feet in 1 mile and 1 second in 1 minute of waiting time.


F.  Certificates of inspection may be examined or a taximeter re-inspected by any police officer or the Administrator at any time during normal business hours.


G.  All taximeters must be approved by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) as evidenced by a “Certificate of Conformance” issued by an authorized inspector.  All taximeters must have an active NTEP Certificate of Conformance number.