POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 16 Vehicles and Tra Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations.
16.40.160 Issuance or Denial of Taxicab Company Permit; City Council Action.

A.  Administrator Review Process.  After receiving a completed taxicab company application form and upon successful completion of all the requirements of Section 16.40.150, the Administrator will review the application in order to make a recommendation to the Board for approval or denial.   


B.  Recommendation Factors.  The Administrator’s recommendation will be based upon the requirements of Chapter 16.40, any regulations established by the Board pursuant to Section 16.40.050, and the following additional factors:


1.  The current status of the public transportation system in the City;


2.  The current and future ability of the public transportation system to provide the timely and effective movement of persons;


3.  The ratio of population within the City of Portland to the number of taxicabs currently in operation;


4.  The demonstrated need for additional taxicab service in the City that is not accomplished by existing companies, as shown by the applicant;


5.  The present utilization patterns of taxicabs currently in operation; and


6.  The interests of the applicant in establishing a local business to legitimately serve the citizens of this City.


C.  Administrator’s Staff Recommendation Report.  Upon completion of the review process outlined in Subsection 16.40.160 A., the Administrator will prepare a Staff Recommendation Report that recommends approval or denial of the application.  If the Administrator recommends denial, the Administrator will state the specific reasons therefore in the Staff Recommendation Report.


D.  Board Review.  Upon completion of the Staff Recommendation Report the Administrator will forward it and the original taxi company application to the Board for consideration at the next regularly-scheduled Board meeting.  The Board will review the application and the Staff Recommendation Report and will consider the Administrator’s recommendation.  Board members may ask questions of the applicant during the Board meeting.  Upon the Board’s review and consideration of the application, it will then vote on whether it recommends approval or denial of the application.  The Board will reduce its recommendation to a written document (the “Board Recommendation”) and the Bureau will forward it to the City Council along with the Staff Recommendation Report.


E.  Council Hearing.  Once the Bureau has forwarded the Staff Recommendation Report and the Board Recommendation to City Council, the Administrator will contact the Auditor’s Office and set a Council hearing date on the Board’s recommendation of the applicant’s approval or denial. The Council will conduct a public hearing regarding the Board’s recommendation on the application. At such hearing the officers and/or major stockholders in the applicant company may be directed by the Council to personally appear before it.


F.  Council’s Standard of Review.  The Council’s review is de novo, but it will consider the Staff Recommendation, the Board’s Recommendation, and the factors found in Subsection 16.40.160 B. in determining whether to grant an application for a new taxicab company permit.


G.  Issuance or Denial of Permit.  At the close of the hearing, the Council will direct the Bureau to issue a taxicab company permit to the applicant only if it finds:


1.  That the interests of the City will be served thereby; and


2.  That the applicant has sufficient financial resources to be able to meet the minimum standards established by Section 16.40.270.


H.  Conditions of Permit.  If the permit is granted, it may contain such terms or conditions as the Council deems appropriate.


I.  Fees.  The Bureau cannot issue the taxicab company permit until the applicant pays the permit fee outlined in the Fee Table in Section 16.40.590.