POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 16 Vehicles and Tra Chapter 16.40 Private For-Hire Transportation Regulations.
16.40.040 Private For-Hire Transportation Board of Review.

A.  Membership and Terms. The Private For-Hire Transportation Board of Review (“Board”) consists of 14 members, including a Chairperson.  The Director serves as the Chairperson and is a permanent member of the Board.  All other members serve 2-year staggered terms as prescribed by administrative rule.  In order to achieve the necessary staggered terms, the initial terms of some members will be for less than two years, as prescribed by administrative rule. 


B.  Composition.  The Board is composed of:


1.  The Director, or his or her designee;


2.  A representative from the Portland Bureau of Transportation;


3.  A representative from the tourism industry;


4.  A representative for persons with disabilities;


5.  A representative of the riding public;


6.  A representative from the Port of Portland;


7.  A representative from TriMet;


8.  A representative from the taxicab companies;


9.  A representative from the non-limousine LPT companies;


10.  A representative from the SAT companies;


11.  A representative from the limousine companies;


12.  A representative from the pedicab companies;


13.  A representative from the taxicab drivers; and


14.  A representative from the LPT drivers.


C.  Selection of Members.  The Commissioner-in-Charge of the Bureau appoints the Board positions described in Subsections 16.40.040 B.2 - B.7. The Board positions described in Subsections 16.40.040 B.8. - B.14 are selected as provided by Administrative Rule and these are termed “Industry Board member positions”.  All validly-permitted for-hire transportation companies and drivers may vote on selecting their respective industry representatives.


D.  Salary.  Board members serve without pay, except they may receive their regular salary during time spent on Board matters.


E.  Meeting Times; Quorum. Unless the Director cancels a meeting for good cause, the Board will meet every odd-numbered month beginning in July 2009.  Eight members must be present to have a quorum, with at least five members present from the positions described in Subsections 16.40.040 B.1. - B.7. Meetings must be noticed and conducted as provided by ORS 192.610 et seq. The Board Chairperson will maintain order and establish and limit the matters to be considered at all Board meetings.  The Director may schedule a special meeting provided that at least 5 days’ notice is given and the meeting is otherwise noticed and conducted as provided by ORS 192.610 et seq.


F.  Absences.  If any Board member is absent from more than three regularly-scheduled Board meetings during a 12-month period, that member may be dismissed by a majority vote of the Board.  If a Board member sends an alternate in his or her place as provided by Subsection 16.40.040 G., then no absence is considered to have occurred.


G.  Alternate Members.  If any Board member cannot make a regularly-scheduled meeting, that member may send an alternate in the member’s place provided that the member gave at least 5 days’ notice to the Director.  Any alternate attending as a result of this Subsection may not vote on any Board action, unless the alternate has been appointed as an alternate by the City Council.


H.  Company Representative Requirements.  Company representatives cannot serve as a specific industry representative unless:


1.  at least 85 percent of that company’s business is derived from that industry; or


2.  the company has at least 20 vehicles in that industry.


I.  Vacancies.  Any Board position that becomes vacant for any reason will be filled in the same manner as required by Subsection 16.40.040 C. for non-industry member positions, and by administrative rule for industry member positions.