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UTL-2.04 - Columbia South Shore Well Field Wellhead Protection Area Reference Manual

Administrative Rule Adopted by Water Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

The text of the entire manual including appendices is available online. What follows is an excerpt from the Introduction to the manual:
1.1  Objectives and Regulatory Program Outline
The objectives of the Columbia South Shore Well Field Wellhead Protection Program (CSSW WHPP) are:
  • To maintain the quality of groundwater used as drinking water;
  • To set minimum standards for protection of groundwater in the regulated area; and
  • To provide recommendations for facilities and transportation authorities to assist them in providing groundwater protection for onsite chemical usage or activities.
At the same time, the Cities of Gresham, Fairview and Portland (referred to herein as City or Cities) are committed:
  • To sustain existing commerce in the area; and
  • To provide for continued economic development and growth within the wellhead protection program area.
The wellhead protection program requirements are focused on efforts to protect groundwater quality, based on the types of chemicals present onsite using the structural and non-structural measures described herein. The requirements and recommendations are intended:
  • To complement other requirements when applicable;
  • To be consistent with other requirements;
  • To be balanced and implementable, and
  • To establish consistency across jurisdictional boundaries
Since the protection area encompasses portions of the Cities of Portland, Gresham and Fairview, these requirements and recommendations are intended to ensure consistency and equity.

Ordinance No. 177668, passed by City Council and effective July 1, 2003.
Manual updated May 7, 2004.
Revised manual filed for inclusion in PPD June 3, 2004.
Revised manual filed for inclusion in PPD September 10, 2004.
Revised manual adopted by Water Bureau Administrator July 7, 2010 and filed for inclusion in PPD July 15, 2010.