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February 28, 2009 Retreat

CRC Retreat

Water Treatment Plant

February 28, 2009

Approved March 17, 2009



Michael Bigham

Hank Miggins

Lewellyn Robison

Rochelle Silver

Loren Eriksson

Mary-Beth Baptista

JoAnn Jackson

Josie Cooper

Dan Handelman

Debbie Aiona


0900 Introductions - Mike Bigham

Excused absence - Mark Johnson, Barbara Anderson


0915   Getting to know you - Lewellyn Robison

            Cat person or dog person?

            What do you like about Portland?

                        Discussion about diversity in Portland.


1000   Director's Comments - Mary-Beth Baptista

            Workgroups and goals -

            "A Plan, a plan, gotta have a plan."  Workgroup Template

            Need to put workgroup mission, goals, strategies and tactics on paper.

            CRC Workgroup Workplan Template completed by each CRC workgroup

                        Approved by full CRC

                        Know where we are going and let others know our course


            Sample Plan: 2008 Holiday Toy Distribution by Santa's Work Shop Evaluation


                        What is overarching purpose?  End product?

                                    Goals - How can you strengthen workgroup and CRC with your

                                    plan?  How do they meet the purpose?

                                    Who is involved?  Who are our partners? Coalitions?

                                    Who takes the lead on certain tasks? Look at member's strengths.

                                    Target Dates

                        Research - What are we researching and what is the methodology?

                        Deliverables - Specific workgroup products

                        Resources - What resources do you need to meet the goals?


                        Workgroup Capacity

                        Alliances and Opposition

                        Task List - Details

Each current CRC workgroup is tasked with completing the template by the April CRC monthly meeting.

            CRC Discussion


1030   Outreach - Mary-Beth Baptista

            Interviewed seven candidates on Feb. 27, 2009. Has tentatively selected a

            candidate.  To keep this position, IPR will have to drop a .5 FTE Investigator

            position.  Will shift responsibilities within IPR.

            What are our priorities for assistance from IPR staff?

            What do we want the outreach person to do? 


IPR and CRC need to partner together when we contact the media

and create media alliances.

Involve CRC more in the process of media promotion.

Contact different groups.

Bring more citizens into our meetings.

More outreach to community newspapers, churches, etc.

Host a roundtable discussion.

Manage expectations of what the position can do and what we can accomplish.


1120   Goal Setting - I           Tracking List  - Hank Miggins

            Miggins - Suggest that we change the format/purpose of the tracking list.

            Originally a parking lot for issues - in 2007 changed to a tracking list.

            Used to have a meeting between the IPR and CRC to determine where we

            were with our goals.  Tracking list doesn't tell us what the underlying problem is;

            e.g., Why did we put the Detox Center on the list?

            May have to have two lists: 


                        Parking lot list - items we don't want to forget - contains description. 

                        Hot List - Things we need to prioritize.

                                    Maybe have an end date - shows completion.

                        Maybe three lists - Planning list.

                                    Start date

                                    End date


            Differentiate between goals and tasks

            Set up our priorities periodically - perhaps once a year

            Written criteria on how things get onto the list

During a hearing, if something comes up to be added to the list, it would be added by consensus. Add it to the hearing procedure.

Devote a meeting to cleaning up the list.

            Things deleted would be moved to a history/accomplishment list/archive.

            Some items would remain on the list as 'ongoing'.

What does this list mean?  Maintain by categories.

To be done, in progress, done.

If completed should be held somewhere else.

Items to be explored later by the CRC.      

Table - Formatting Description of Problem - Purpose - Date Added - Date Completed-Decide how to group them together. Determine criteria for moving the item to an archive list; i.e., time on original list.


How do we manage the list? Getting things on and off.

Gets on list by CRC consensus.


Removed from assigned to workgroup, the individual who put on the list comes back and justifies taking it off, or is completed by an individual.


Some items could be assigned to a particular individual member rather than a workgroup. Should remain on the list until completed.


Bring together an ad hoc group to revise current list and bring it back to the full CRC for approval.



1230   Goal Setting II - Recommendations -IPR Structure Review Group - Jackson


Complaint process


Policy Development

Staffing and Training

Training avenues

NACOLE - hope three people can be approved next time

Increase size of CRC

Should the CRC ask to lengthen terms of the members?


What do you need in your workgroup from IPR?

What do you need from the Outreach Coordinator?


What are we doing with the tracking List?

Kudos List.


Present list of bullet-issues to the CRC for input.


Draft report given to members a month before adoption, so they can review and discuss it.


Recommendations from other workgroups


Miggins - Biased-based policing

Just reported to CRC and taken input for where to go next.

Miggins - Outreach

Concerns about media coverage

Looking at what they need from Outreach Coordinator

Take a larger role in dealing with the media - press conferences and press releases


Bigham - PARC

Ask about where we go from here.


Case-Handling - Robison

Establish permanent case-handling workgroup - standing committee with rotating members. Auditing cases


Protocol - Robison

Incorporate input from other workgroups - may have them write proposed protocols.


Retreat - Robison

In the past the workgroup has continued on to monitor what we agreed to in the meeting.


Miggins - Why are complaints down? Concept of a survey. PSU. Talk with Mark Johnson about how this issue involves case-handling workgroup. Review EnviroIssues report. Office hours for CRC members. Invite appeal participants to come and speak to a CRC meeting. Advocate for the complainant.


1315 Goal Setting III Establishing Goals - Robison


S Specific

M Measurable

A Agreed Upon

R Realistic

T Time and Cost Bound


Set goals for the coming year.


2005 Retreat goals

Increase participation by stakeholders - Breakdown by tasks

Reduce citizen dissatisfaction with Portland Police officers


Haven't documented our results as well as we might.


Annual report - Talk about what we have accomplished.

Racial profiling, towing, council outreach, case handling

Discussion about interaction between IPR and CRC.


Top Seven Policy List

a. Police Bureau Training Division Curriculum

b. In-house Training for CRC members

c. Discipline

d. Taser Policy

e. Recruiting and Retention

f. Protest Policy

g. Release of Prisoners - Policies and Procedures


From 2005

h. Increase credibility among stakeholders Re: Complaint process

i. Reduce dissatisfaction with PPB officers' conduct


Agreed upon goals for 2009-10


Increase credibility among stakeholders regarding the IPR/CRC complaint process

Review and make recommendations regarding satisfaction with Portland Police Bureau

Evaluate and develop in-house training for CRC


Training Division already has a citizen advisory board - we should assign someone to that board. Josie Cooper volunteered. CRC Chair will contact John Tellis. Also talk to JT about training by Bureau. Check with NACOLE.


Ride-alongs - Talk again to IPR about setting it up.


Scott Westerman - Re: speaking at CRC meeting.


Suggestion that Tasers be wrapped into the PARC workgroup - bring before the full CRC.


Develop strategies to fulfill goals and present them to the full committee.

Retreat workgroup


Suggest that we hold CRC meetings in the community throughout the year. Perhaps have a theme to draw an audience. Piggy-back meeting with an existing meeting - Neighborhood meeting, church groups, etc. Outreach workgroup to work on that issue.


Do a dry run for an appeal. Mock version.

Discussed terms:

Training failure

Policy failure

Recruitment/Retention Failure

Supervisory Failure


Miggins - Review Roberts' Rules of Order - Citizen comments and Chair decides who talks and when.


Citizen Comments:


Debbie Aiona - Roundtable - have CRC meet with members of the community to get input, especially since the number of appeals are down. After getting input we might want to re-prioritize our list.


Dan Handelman - Ensure independence of the IPR when dealing with CRC. Protest/pepper spray issue still hasn't gone away.


1500 Meeting adjourned.


Minutes Approved

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