POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 24 Building Regulat Chapter 24.51 Wildfire Hazard Zones
24.51.040 Map Revision Process

A. Wildfire Hazard Zones may be applied to or removed from areas of the City as follows:

1. During periodic review by the Chief, based upon the criteria listed in section 24.51.030. Periodic review shall occur every 5 years.

2. Upon request to the Chief by any property owner, prior to periodic review, on the grounds that conditions have changed.

B. Prior to applying the Wildfire Hazard Zone to any property the Chief shall provide notice of such proposed zoning and provide a date for a public hearing.

The notice shall be sent to all properties to which the zone would be applied. The notice shall be sent fourteen days prior to the date of the hearing. Extensions of time for the hearing may be requested and may be provided by the Chief. The notice shall provide information regarding the City’s intention to apply the Wildfire Zone, the reasons therefore and the time and place for the hearing.

Within 7 days of the hearing the Chief shall issue a written decision, based upon the criteria listed above, and which shall include findings supporting that decision and shall contain information regarding the right to appeal the Chief’s decision to the Bureau of Development Service’s Appeals Board (Board). A copy of the decision shall be sent to all properties that received notice of the City’s intention to include these properties within a Wildfire Hazard Zone.

C. When a property owner provides the Chief with a written request that the Wildfire Hazard Zone be removed from specific property the Chief shall consider the request and, based upon the criteria listed above, shall either approve or deny the request.

Such action by the Chief shall occur within 14 days of the date of the request and shall be in writing, shall include findings based upon the facts and criteria and shall contain information regarding the right to appeal the Chief’s decision to the Board. This decision shall be mailed to the property owner requesting the change in status.

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