POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Griffin-Valade Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 5 Revenue and Finan Chapter 5.30 Collections and Foreclosure Process
5.30.210 Redemption.

A.  Only persons having a recorded interest in the property, or their legal representative, may redeem the property within the redemption period.  Purchasers have no redemption rights.

B.  Property which has been sold at a foreclosure sale is not eligible for installment payments or a payment plan.  Property may be redeemed only by payment in full.  Redemption shall be subject to the payment to the Treasurer of the redemption price.  The only acceptable form of payment shall be United States legal currency or cashier’s check.

C.  The Treasurer shall issue a receipt to the person redeeming the property and shall report the redemption to the Auditor.  Redemption discharges the property from the effect of the sale.

D.  If redemption is made by a lien creditor, the amount paid for redemption shall thereafter be deemed a part of the judgment, decree, mortgage or tax lien and shall bear like interest and may be enforced and collected as a part thereof.

E.  Upon receipt of the redemption price, the Treasurer shall issue a check for the sales price amount paid by the holder of the certificate of sale as shown on the lien docket plus any accrued redemption interest.  The check shall be delivered to the address provided to the City by the purchaser or any transferee or assignee.

F.  The interest charged during the redemption period shall be set by ordinance.  The redemption interest rate shall be set at a level which attracts bidders.  The penalty charged during the redemption period shall also be set by ordinance.  The redemption penalty shall be set at a rate to encourage payment by delinquent property owners.

G.  If a property is redeemed at any time during the redemption period, the redemption period automatically terminates.

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