POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 5 Revenue and Finan Chapter 5.30 Collections and Foreclosure Process
5.30.140 Notice to Persons on Foreclosure List of Foreclosure Action.

As provided below, the Treasurer shall provide notice to all persons known to have a recorded interest in the properties on the foreclosure list.

A.  Individual Notice.

1.  The Treasurer shall mail a notice of foreclosure sale to all persons known to have a recorded interest in the property and to all persons having recorded a request for copy of notice of sale.  Notice shall be sent at least 60 days prior to the sale by registered or certified mail.

2.  The mailed notice shall state that a foreclosure sale will be held and it shall specify the date, time and place.  It shall contain the following information: the names of the owners of the property; the legal description of the property; the street address; the amount of the delinquent lien stating both the principal and interest due as well as any penalties and collection costs; the type of the delinquent account; and, the name of the Treasurer and contact information.  The notice shall also state that there shall be an additional charge for sales costs to date.

B.  Newspaper Notice.

1.  The Treasurer shall have printed in a daily newspaper of general circulation a notice of foreclosure sale once a week for four successive weeks.

2.  The notice shall contain the information required in Subsection 5.30.140 A.2.

3.  A copy of the first of the four published newspaper notices shall be sent to the owner and to the occupant by registered or certified mail.

C.  Posted Notice.

1.  The Treasurer shall have notice of foreclosure sale posted on the property at least once, no less than four weeks before the sale.

2.  The posted notice shall contain the information required in Subsection 5.30.140 A.2.

D.  Other notice.  Notice shall be given to the Internal Revenue Service by registered or certified mail, at least 25 days prior to the sale.

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