POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Griffin-Valade Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 7 Business Licenses Chapter 7.12 Public Service Permits, Franchises and Regulations
7.12.210 Additional Annual Report.

Each person, firm or co‑partnership operating a public utility in the City or, if such utility be an association or corporation, then the president and/or secretary and/or general manager or other officer or agent of such association or corporation having general control, management, or supervision of its business in the City, shall file with the Auditor a statement verified under oath containing the following information:

A. Type of corporation, if any;

B. List of officers and directors, and corporation control, including list of security holders and voting powers;

C. A balance sheet, supported by schedules showing in detail physical equipment or property, and adjustments, advances and investments, special funds, securities acquired or disposed of, itemized assets, losses and expenses, capital stock, notes and accounts payable, taxes, interest, reserves, capital surplus, income of various types, salary schedules, and information on important changes of organization;

D. As to plant or operating equipment, schedules showing its classification and changes therein, construction or acquisition, and progress report on property being constructed or acquired, depreciation and amortization and information to support the base therefor;

E. Revenues received from operation, including sources;

F. Operating expenses;

G. Rate base; and

H. Method by which it is determined.

This report shall cover the year ending the preceding December 31st and shall be filed on or before September 1, 1945, and June 1st thereafter, except as the Commissioner In Charge may extend the time for filing.  This report shall be in addition to any and all other reports required by the Charter and ordinances of the City, including franchises and permits.  It shall be sufficient hereunder if a copy of the report filed with the Commissioner of Public Utilities of Oregon, with the Interstate Commerce Commission, or with the Federal Communications Commission is filed with the Auditor.