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ADM-14.09 - Collection of Delinquent Receivables in Small Claims Court


Binding City Policy





Section 1.  The Council finds:


1. Many Oregon counties, including Multnomah County, utilize a Small Claims Court to provide an informal process to resolve small civil disputes involving money or damages of $7,500 or less.


2. Attorneys are not allowed to represent parties in small claims without special permission from the court.


3. In order to collect delinquent receivables billed by the Revenue Bureau, and to generally collect for smaller amounts due the City of Portland, it is desirable that authority be granted to allow the filing of actions for the collection of such accounts in the Small Claims Court for Multnomah County.


4. It is appropriate that the Revenue Bureau Director, through his/her appointed representative, have the authority to file such action and to file complaints against individuals responsible for delinquent receivables and to pursue such cases to disposition, all pursuant to the advice and direction of the Office of the City Attorney. This course of action has been approved by the Commissioner in charge of the Revenue Bureau.





NOW THEREFORE, the Council directs:


a. The Revenue Bureau Director, or his/her designee, is hereby authorized to commence proceedings in Small Claims Court for the payment of delinquent receivables and to take whatever legal action is appropriate to enforce judgments obtained through such proceedings.


b. The commencement of such proceedings shall be made with collaboration with the City Attorney and shall be the judgment of the City Attorney or the Revenue Bureau Director.


c. This ordinance is binding City policy.




Ordinance No. 181928, passed by City Council June 18, 2008 and effective July 18, 2008.