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Online Code Updated February 12, 2008


The Online City Code has been updated to include all Code changes effective through January 24, 2008.


Ordinance No. 181483, effective January 18, 2008 replaces Code Chapter 3.15 Office of Management and Finance and amends Code Chapters 5.04 Funds and 5.20 Budget Procedure.  Also, substitutes bureau and division titles referenced below:


Current Title in Code

Change to Reflect Substitute Chapter 3.15

Bureau of General Services

OMF Business Operations Division

Bureau of Risk Management

OMF Risk Management Division

Director of Bureau of General Services

Manager of OMF Business Operations Division

Director of Bureau of Information Technology

Chief Technology Officer

Office of Finance and Administration

Office of Management and Finance



Ordinance No. 181547, effective January 24, 2008 amends Code Chapters 5.33 Goods and Services and 5.34 Public Improvements and Construction Services.