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Online Charter & Code Updated January 9, 2008


The Online City Charter has been updated to include language approved by the voters as Measure 26-90 at the May 15, 2007 Special Election effective January 1, 2008:  Chapter 4 Civil Service 


The Online City Code has been updated to include all Code changes effective through January 2, 2008.


Ordinance No. 181322, effective January 1, 2008 amends Code Chapter 17.15 Transportation System Development Charge.


Ordinance No. 181507, effective January 1, 2008 does the following changes to Code Chapter 16.20 Public Right-of-Way Parking:

-amends 16.20.640 Disabled Person Permit

-adds 16.20.645 Wheelchair User Disabled Person Parking Permit


Ordinance No. 181506, effective January 2, 2008 does the following changes to Code Chapter 17.33 Mandatory Sewer Connection:

-amend 17.33.040 Declaration of Nuisance

-add 17.33.105 Replacing Non-Conforming Sanitary Sewer Connections