POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Charter, Code & Policies City Code & Charter Online Code & Charter Title 26 Electrical Regul Chapter 26.06  Inspection
26.06.050 Corrections.

A.  The Bureau shall provide written notice of corrections required to be made to defective electrical wiring, equipment or installations.  Notice of correction shall be placed on the premises, the electrical panel box, or such other conspicuous place as the Director may determine.  In addition the Bureau shall send a duplicate of the correction notice by mail or FAX to the person responsible for the work.

Corrections shall be completed and an inspection requested within 20 calendar days of the correction notice.  Extensions may be granted by the Bureau for reasonable cause.  Failure to complete corrections and request an inspection within the time provided may result in the Bureau gaining compliance by:

1.  Any of the remedies outlined in Section 3.30.015; or,

2.  Revoking the permit.

B.  If the premises affected become vacant, the premises shall not be occupied for dwelling purposes until necessary permits are obtained, corrections are completed, and the corrections are inspected and approved by the Bureau.